Top Ten Best Places to Play Poker in the World!

ATTENTION: POKER GLOBETROTTERS! If you’re not afraid of planes flying high and chips flying higher, you might want to start thinking about the best places in the world to play poker. Read this article BEFORE planning that next vacation because, hey, if you win big, you’re travelling free!

You’ll be freerolling, as we say in poker lingo.

Note: This list comprises the best places to play poker in the world – with one major exception: South of the United States border. Places like Mexico and Brazil have rapidly growing poker scenes—worthy of their own articles! But they are difficult to access as a tourist.

Many people don’t realise how BIG these countries and neighbouring regions are. For this reason, it’s rare for someone to hop around in the way it is common in Europe and America, where most of this list will focus.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the best places to play poker in the world:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
Since landmark casinos like the Golden Nugget first embraced poker in the 1940s, Las Vegas has always been one of the world’s most dazzling poker destinations.

These days, it is an especially great choice for amateurs and beginners. Vegas has some of the lowest barriers to entry games globally—in terms of skill and buy-in. Obviously, there are tourists ready to try their luck. But there are also more segmented stakes.

Many other casinos worldwide will offer a $100-$500 buy-in table. At places like Caesar’s Palace – one of the places where to play poker in Vegas, you’ll find more differentiated splits:

・ A $100-$300 $1-$3 blinds option
・ Another slightly bigger $2-$5 game with a buy-in cap of $500

This spread helps protect the newcomers from the serious professionals and pros, making it one of the best places to play poker in the world.

2. Macau, China
Asian markets have ascended onto the global poker stage—and nothing has been more spectacular than the poker explosion in the gambling hotspot Macau. Synonymous with opulence and style, Macau provides the ultimate high-roller experience.
Macau is where you go to play nosebleed stakes!

Even TV poker legends like Tom Dwan have made Macau their second home. Macau has also become a sought-after destination for poker tournaments (including the prestigious Asia Pacific Poker Tour).

However, prospective players should be forewarned—the stakes in Macau typically begin at the U.S. equivalent of $5/$10 and increase to among the highest stakes globally. You’ll also get wider variety of more exotic games, like Caribbean Stud Poker.

Positioned as the new arena for the high-roller professional or the wealthy recreational player, Macau might be one of the best places to play poker in the world if you’ve got deep pockets.

3. London, UK – The Grosvenor Victoria Casino

(Taken from the article “The best places to play poker in LONDON!”)

Known by all who frequent simply as ‘The Vic,’ this casino is one of the most iconic in London. Don’t be dismayed by the underwhelming exterior—big names and players like Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott have walked through these doors.

Most importantly, you’ll always find a game here – no matter the day of the week or the time of the night. But why is this one of the best places to play poker in London?

It’s simple: tables run around the clock.

Located near Hyde Park and Marble Arch, this place is ol’ reliable.

You’ll find 24/7 action and probably more Pot-Limit Omaha variants here than anywhere else—four-card PLO, five-card PLO, and even six-card PLO. For the avid Omaha player, this is another reason to make it one of the best places to play poker in London.

If you’re super lucky, you might even drop in when an 888poker LIVE or sponsored UKPL event is happening.

‘The Vic’—part of the wider Grosvenor casino group—hosts the top-rated tournament series GUKPT ‘The Grand United Kingdom Poker Tour’.

As the largest poker room in London, you can’t go wrong with The Vic.

Just watch out for the local grinders! Many professional poker players make this place their home.

4. Athens, Greece
If you’re ready for the ultimate James Bond experience, you can’t miss the Regency Casino Mont Parnes. Located around 45 minutes outside of Athens, you need to take an aerial tram up to the top of a mountain overlooking the gorgeous hills of ancient Greece.

Where else are you going to go to a casino in the sky?

・ The Regency Casino Mont Parnes scrapes the ceiling of heaven.
・ The games are mellow and subdued—only expect a few tables—but the ride up is an unforgettable experience.

There are also small poker rooms throughout Athens if you want to play a friendly, affordable €30 tournament.

5. Washington, D.C.
Did you know the most profitable United States casino outside of Vegas isn’t in Florida, Texas, or Los Angeles? No—it’s the MGM National Harbor, about 25 minutes outside Washington D.C. The property is breathtakingly spectacular—Bellagio, who?

It feels like a separate city, with breathtaking flower displays and a larger-than-life casino. Adjacent to a convention centre and a mini tourist town, National Harbor is its own little world.

There are always tables running—and their $1/$3 is deep-stacked with a $500 cap. The ability to buy in for anywhere between $100 and $500 attracts players of all skill levels. There are higher-stakes options, too.

If you want to check out other Maryland casinos, Maryland Live! and The Horseshoe in Baltimore are within driving distance (although Baltimore is a fair way away).

6. Los Angeles, California
The City of Angels boasts an economy bigger than most countries—and, in turn, has a thriving poker scene to rival any city worldwide. At its epicentre lies the iconic Commerce Casino – a behemoth structure. The location boasts a massive array of over 200 tables, making it the largest poker room in the world.

At the Commerce, you are virtually guaranteed 24/7 games, with stakes ranging from as low as $1/$2 No Limit Hold‘em up to $20/$40 NLHE and beyond.

Around-the-clock poker action awaits at neighbouring poker locations where you can casino hop freely. Los Angeles continues to make waves, with a rich history of high-stakes fervour. The City of Angels continues to make waves by hosting world poker tournaments.

It is currently stealing the limelight with the most popular poker streams in the world (including the soon-to-debut Live at The Commerce).

With cash game action and tournaments at all stakes, you’ll find Los Angeles one of the best places in the world to play poker.

7. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Venturing up over the Canadian border to the Great White North, Calgary hosts a more varied poker board game scene. It showcases a spectrum of newer to more well-established venues.

The city is home to the classic ‘Cowboys’ poker room next to the Saddledome arena—be sure to catch a Calgary Flames hockey game. It also boasts the recently opened airport casino ‘Ace Casino Calgary’. With the many other venues in between, the city offers a wide array of choices for poker enthusiasts.

Six poker rooms operate 24/7 within reasonable commuting distance of one another.

So, from the moment you touch down in Calgary, you will find yourself in an incredible city that is now one of the best places to play poker in the world—particularly among lower stakes of CA$1/CA$3 and CA$2/CA$5.

Interestingly, the city uses the unconventional button straddles vs under-the-gun. This feature adds a new dynamic to their 24/7 cash games.

8. Texas & Florida
It almost goes without saying that Texas and Florida are all-American poker sensations. If you’re unfamiliar with American geography, please remember these states are HUGE. Texas and Florida are both enormous.

So, you might research popular poker rooms—or watch a great stream. But keep in mind that travel even within the same state isn’t necessarily easy. Austin and Dallas aren’t particularly close. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth visiting.

Florida and Texas are rumoured to have some of the wildest action in the country.

9. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

In Ontario, the landmark backdrop of Niagara Falls sets the stage for the aptly named Casino Niagara. It’s merely steps away from the Falls and Clifton Hill’s tourist haven. Games begin here at CA$1/CA$3 —and the rake is incredible at only CA$7 per half hour paid by each player at the table.

・ CA$2/CA$5 is raked at CA$8 per half hour.
・ CA$5/CA$10 is raked at CA$9 per half hour.

Why is this one of the best places to play poker in the world?

It’s not just the tourist traffic—it’s the rake structure.

This location Is another favourite for casual and recreational players. You’ll find friendly, accessible games similar to Vegas.

10. The Playground, Montreal
Casino, located outside Montreal, no thorough insight into poker in Canada would be complete. Renowned for its vast range of poker variants and prestigious tournaments, Playground Casino has firmly secured its place as a regular destination for many serious poker players.

Caps are typically higher here than in other parts of Canada—A $5/CA$5 having a CA $1500 maximum buy-in—and rake is very high here, too (10% up to $10 even at the CA$1/CA$2 limits).

However, the Playground offers players several perks. The venue features free fancy food and drinks in an elegant setting, making this one of the best places to play poker in the world!