Married Woman Masochist Training Club 2

Four ripe wives volunteer for training. That wasn’t my intention at first. But now…I want you to bully me.

[01] Wakana (30 years old) She resolved her frustration due to her husband’s departure from home by having an affair. The married woman’s sexual desire is ignited by her shame, and she sinks into the world of the abnormal even though she feels a sense of immorality.

[02] Shiina (35 years old) A woman in the prime of her life who is dissatisfied with her life with her elderly husband. Following her desires, she enters into an affair, surrenders to her perverted training, and falls into the abyss of her pleasure.

[03] Kana (46 years old) She is a frustrated woman who is devoted to her family but is not treated by her husband. She is shocked when she sees an SM site. She was trained by a man she met on SNS, and her body became unable to return to normal sex and normal life.

[04] Chika (34 years old) Chika is a bit of a menhera. Sometimes she spends the night with a strange man without being treated by her husband. She will accept anything because it makes her happy that he wants her. Then, one day, when she went to the man’s house, a tremendous training play was waiting for her… *Booklet not included