Rope’s lewd flower Honami Akagi

This is a documentary video of a bondage shoot featuring a real masochist woman. While actually torturing masochistic women, we bind and torture them in search of a harsh and sensual beauty. This work is a photograph of Honami Akagi. Her G-cup voluptuous body is wrapped in a neat white thin sweater, and she is tied to the pillar and her gag is double-gagged.

Then I placed the rope around her to highlight her breasts. Her sweater was torn, and I tied the rope around her tip and her voluminous breasts, which were exposed, and began to torture her severely.

After that, he strips her naked and ruthlessly wraps the rope around her soft body, which is full of feminine beauty. The man’s hands hang around her base until the color of her breasts changes, and his hands lewdly tease her firm breasts and tips. She tied her up with her private parts exposed to further plunge her into the abyss of her shame. Stimulate the sensitive clitoris, insert a vibrator into the vagina moistened with honey, and connect the vibrator to the clothespins held between the nipples with an octopus string so that the vibration moves in conjunction with the movement of the vibrator, resulting in an irresistible and stimulating pleasure torture. She convulsed and reached out in front of the camera.

At the end of her life, she bound her hands inextricably, raining wax tears on her beautiful big ass and sticking her candle in it. This is a work where you can enjoy the power of the rope that tortures the beautiful female body that men love and the deep masochism of her.