#10 Laura/Height 162cm/Bust D cup/Short hair/Material silicone

■Product features ■
●Android technology (RZR Doll)
A high brand in the doll industry that pursues the world’s most “realism = humanness”!

Its realism is so real that it can be mistaken for a human. It is a work of art that pays close attention to the details, such as “the texture of the skin, the color, and the expression of blood vessels visible throughout the body.”

We have created innovations that redefine common sense in the doll industry, including semi-medical grade silicone, innovative painting technology, and in-house development of an elaborate skeleton with a wide range of motion.

Please enjoy our experience in producing dolls for Hollywood movies, world-class modeling technology, and quality that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

■Product specifications■
#10 Laura
Height: 162cm
Bust: D cup
Nipple color: light brown
Eyeball: light blue
Wig: short
Local type: Removable type
Pubic hair: none
Separation type: head separation type
Oral: Not supported
Anal: Not supported

*The images shown are close to the actual products delivered, but there may be individual differences in color, wig length, waves, etc.

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