Software/Synthesizer V Studio Pro

Create an original song by simply drawing the melody and adding lyrics. In addition to conventional sample-based singing voice synthesis, it is equipped with a completely new hybrid singing voice synthesis engine that combines the advantages of artificial intelligence-based singing voice synthesis.

“Charamin Studio 90-day product version” is included!
Comes with a 90-day product version of the software “Charamin Studio” that allows you to easily create music videos.

“Charamin Studio” loads your music files,
This is music video creation software that can automatically make characters dance.

Just prepare a music file, select a 3D character, and you can create a music video using just this software.

“Charamin Studio 90 Day Product Version” includes many character models of AH-Software, and you can use the full functionality for 90 days.

“Video Easy SE” is included!
Comes with easy video editing software “Video Easy SE”.
This is a convenient software that allows you to load video files and easily edit the video.

*Compatible with Windows only.

Product Information / System Requirements
File size: 503.24MB
OS: Windows
CPU: Core i3 or higher
Memory: 2GB or more
Required resolution: 1280*800 full color