NPC Capture Academy [Android Ver.]

Protect the school’s morals!
Your role is to inspect any students acting suspiciously, and send them off to the principal if they’re breaking the rules.

Maybe their student ID is out of date, maybe they’re in the wrong class, or maybe their ID is a fake… All cause for some discipline! Some girls are just naughty. And that means you need to do something naughty right back.

What exactly that is, though, is up to you…

Animated interrogations with randomly-generated girls!
All the girls are randomly-generated!
Their hairstyles and color, eyes, mouths, noses, body types, tits… it’s all RNG! The variations are endless!
No matter how many times you play, the girls will be different!

But that’s not all… Your “inspections” are fully animated! Pat them on the head, give dat butt a squeeze, grope dem titties, pinch dem nips… this school will be back in rule-abiding shape in no time!