Housewife’s Healing Touch -NTR Route

“I want to be pampered by a sexy, mature woman!”
“I want to see a multitude of men defile a sexy, mature woman!”
This game was developed to fulfill these desires.
「A Housewife’s Healing Touch」was directed and developed by Alicesoft’s Furin, creator of Oyako Rankan, Heartful Mama, Haha Ranman, the Tsuma series and
famous for his dedication to the depiction of alluring, mature women.

It’s a narrative-driven adventure game set in a fantasy world, starring a motherly, bewitching married woman.

Buy whichever route you like — Pure Love or NTR — and enjoy!

In the Pure Love Route, you will win the heart of a sexy, married woman by saving her from a terrible fate.
In the NTR route, you will witness the main heroine being defiled by many different men.

Gou — the burly head of the village — watches keenly over his son’s unsatisfied wife, waiting for an opportunity to plant his seed in her fertile belly.
To reach this goal, he ensnares several other men into his plot and plans to defile Rui with them.
Under their relentless advances, the poor woman is slowly corrupted both physically and mentally.
Can Souya save his beloved wife before she turns into the village’s plaything…?

World setting
In a small and secluded village on a different world…
Magic — once wielded by most humans — has been dwindling steadily and now only manifests in a small number of lucky individuals.

・The village
A small cluster of humble houses, only surviving thanks to the magical powers wielded by its inhabitants.
It remains hidden from the rest of civilization to prevent the misuse of the arcane arts dwelling there.

Mystical powers fueled by mana that manifest in rare individuals upon reaching adult age.

・Mana replenishing
To replenish one’s mana, it is necessary to come in contact with the bodily fluids (saliva, semen, love-juices, mother’s milk, etc.) of a member of the opposite gender.

Product Information / System Requirements
File size: 380.37MB
CPU: Core i3 or higher
Memory: 2 GB or higher
Required resolution: 1280*720 Full Color
DirectX: DirectX 11 compatible or higher
EOCS number: This title has been EOCS reviewed. (Number2206091K)