How To Make a Perfect Girlfriend

Sumire (protagonist) has been an attention whore on social media.

“I want some friends…” “I wanna die…”

Sumire soon gets tricked by a catfish account to meet in person…but turns out, they were a bunch of men trying to drag her into a hotel!
In this crisis, she meets a girl.

The girl’s breath-taking looks surprises Sumire, but off she goes… the girl has left already leaving Sumire behind.
Heartbroken, Sumire quickly dashes back home to consult with her “doctor” about what happened today.

With her “doctor’s” advice, Sumire decides to attend the university.
There, someone speaks to her…it was that girl who ran away without her that day, Nazuna.

While being nervous about interacting with an “ordinary girl”, Sumire tries her best to get closer to get along.

Characters :
●Sumire Ashiya

University student who dislikes men and socializing.
She is sexually confused about her preferences, which she takes online counseling to help herself.

●Nazuna Koga
University student who exactly looks like the catfish avatar that Sumire had a crush on.
She is gregarious and joins many events as she is widely known to many.

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