Emiri Momota/Cosplay/Movie

Emiri Momota is currently the hottest Japanese international pornstar popular both in Japan and in the west. Her seductive eyes and looks can’t be mistaken when she holds down men and makes them weak in the knees. She loves to perform and she loves watching how guys react as she pleasures them. Known for her incredible blowjob skills and dominating performances, she gives us nothing less!

Emiri was already well experienced with cosplay and has done many shoots with a variety of different characters. When we saw her as Tifa in Halloween 2022 we knew she would be perfect for us. And we decided we could make her perfect lookalike to Tifa even better and brought her on! You can check out more of her hot performances and cosplay on her Twitter @momotaemiri.

Actress: Emiri Momota
Country: Japan
Height: 155cm
Measurements: B83-F W53 H88