Kristen Scott/Cosplay/Movie

American porn superstar Kristen Scott has dipped her feet in many porn categories. Kristen Scott is a petite and skinny brunette hottie who started her porn career when she was about 21-years-old. She first started doing cam shows secretly in her upstairs room so her family wouldn’t find out. She fell in love with being in front of the camera and how horny it would make her to show off her sexy little body. Since then she has been prolific across many genres, especially pushing the limits with her sexuality while starring in indie films. She was also the winner of Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene in 2020!

Kristen Scott enjoys cosplaying as a naughty Japanese schoolgirl, who would love to get punished by a big hard cock… and that is exactly what happens! This gorgeous babe will suck loads of hard cocks, extract their semen, and have some dirty cosplay fun along the way. While in cosplay, Kristen shows off her incredible blowjob skills, and her charisma really shines on the camera. Once you see Kristen Scott in action, you will never have enough!

Actress: Kristen Scott
Country: USA
Height: 157cm
Measurements: B81-C W58 H81