Hypnotizing the Rich Bitch into My Personal Plaything (Smartphone Ver.)

Everyone has seen those manga and CG collections with hypno-applications, but what would it be like to actually use one?
This simulation game is focused on exactly that; making use of a hypno-app to aid you in your sexual conquest of a schoolgirl with attitude issues that need correcting.

The sexual training regimen is all up to you! The freedom is yours to do as you please.
Enjoy the heroine’s varied reactions to each type of sexual play!
The game contains over 2000 recorded voice clips, and over 150 motions!

Our unique blend of 2D and 3D has been refined further, allowing even smoother animation!
See those love juices flow in real time, and more!

– 3 Situations: Unused hallway, infirmary bed, and in class.
– Post-hypnosis, you can strip her, force her into humiliating states, assault her with sex toys, your hands, and naturally, your dick.
– Fondling, fingering, stripping, and clothing can be done with mouse clicks.
– Her memory of the sexual training will reset afterward, but her body’s sexual development will remain.
– Her reactions will differ depending on the training.

Make use of 4 hypno-modes as you train Karen!
– Hypnotized: Half-asleep, submissive
– Sleep Paralysis: Her body is under your control, but her mental faculties are normal.
– Mind-alteration: Her senses are warped to assume sex is the best thing ever, and perfectly reasonable to do at any time.
– Horny Overdrive: Warped to lust like a wild animal.

Feel free to release the hypnosis at the ideal timing too!

Types of Potential Play
– Intense edging.
– Teasing a single part of her body only.
– Force her into debauched positions with her mind unaltered.
– Turn her into a horny beast, and let her come on to you herself.
– Stick a sex toy in her, and release the hypnosis to see her reaction.
– Hypnotize the class, and make everyone strip naked!

And much, much more!
The ending will change depending on your training methods, as well!

* Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.
* If the game seems to be lagging, you can change the graphic settings in the Options menu, or lower the resolution.

As the animation in this work is processed in real time, in order to play this game comfortably you will need a smartphone which has sufficient specs to handle it.

Also, given the nature of smartphones, please keep in mind that even if the device meets the minimum requirements, not all brands, versions, types of device will be guaranteed to work.

* Make sure that you confirm system operation via product’s trial version / demo! *

If you find the game runs sluggishly, you can try out “Light Mode” via the in-game settings.
Select the “System” option and then choose light mode from the “Graphics Settings”
Lowering the resolution is also a possible method of increasing performance.