Actress:Chie Kobayashi Age:21 years old Height:154cm Measurements:B85-C W58 H85 Foot Size:24cm Leg Length:88cm Thigh Width:13cm Hobbies:Reading, photography Skills:Cooking from Tokyo Actress:Shino Aoi Age:24 years old Height:163cm Measurements:B80 W58 H75 Foot Size:24cm Leg Length:92cm Thigh Width:15cm Hobbies:Cooking Skills:Massage from:Tochigi 15 minutes with Chie Kobayashi & Shino AoiSpider

Actress:Yui Kasugano Age:21 years old Height:149cm Measurements:B80-C W58 H87 Foot Size:22.5cm Leg Length:83cm Thigh Width:16cm from:Tokyo Actress:Mai Miori Age:25 years old Height:160cm Measurements:B81 W59 H88 Foot Size:24cm Leg Length:90cm Thigh Width:15cm Skills:Ballet from:Kyoto length:10:46 photos:95 Serving your leg fetish with perfect Japanese legsSpider

Actress:Natsuki Yokoyama Age:21 years old Height:163cm Measurements:B87 W58 H86 from:Tokyo Actress:Aya Kisaki Age:25 Height:160 Measurements:B87-E W58 H89 from:Tokyo Hobbies:Reading Skills:Ballet length:11:41 photos:119 Serving your leg fetish with perfect Japanese legsSpider

Actress:Yukie Sawamoto Age:23 years old Height:160cm Measurements:B80 W59 H87 Foot Size:23.5cm Leg Length:92cm Thigh Width:15cm from:Tokyo Actress:Tsukushi Mamiya Age:20 years old Height:160cm Measurements:B83 W60 H85 Foot Size:24cm Leg Length:86cm Thigh Width:16cm Hobbies:Karaoke from:Kanagawa length:13:02 photos:133 Serving your leg fetish with perfect Japanese legsSpider