The WRX is a sports sedan manufactured and sold by SUBARU (formerly Fuji Heavy Industries) since 2014. VAB is the WRX STI model and VAG is the WRX S4 model.

Power train
The WRX STI, a Japanese specification car, has been equipped with the EJ20 type 2.0L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder dual AVCS twin scroll turbo engine, which has continued from its predecessor. The EJ25 engine, which was the 2.5L AVCS turbo engine installed in the predecessor, was continued for North American, European, and Australian models. The 6-speed MT that can be combined with both is equipped with an improved version of the TY85 type that appeared in 2000.

The Japanese WRX S4 is equipped with the same 2.0L direct-injection turbo FA20 engine as the Levorg, and is combined with the Sports Lineartronic (CVT), which has significantly improved shift response compared to the conventional model. The same FA20 type will be installed on the North American WRX, but it is also a specification that can use regular gasoline close to the Forester. The CVT is an improved version of the TR690 type that was also adopted in the 5th generation Legacy 2.0GT, and the 6-speed MT will be the TY75 type.

Body chassis
It is shared with the Levorg platform, which is an improved version of the 4th generation Impreza. The WRX will be the final vehicle to be adopted on the platform, as the platform was redesigned in 2016. The wheelbase and the body skeleton before the B-pillar are the same as the Levorg, but details such as how to give rigidity due to the difference in body shape and the followability of the frame to twisting and twisting have been changed. Compared to the previous WRX STI, the torsional rigidity is 40% or more, the bending rigidity is 30% or more, the front tread rigidity is 14%, and the rear tread rigidity is 38% higher.

The drive system for both STI / S4 is AWD, but the center differential type is different, and STI is equipped with DCCD (driver’s control center differential), front helical LSD, and rear Torsen LSD. The S4 adopts a system called VTD-AWD (unequal & variable torque distribution electronically controlled AWD) that continuously variably controls the standard torque distribution of front 45: rear 55 according to the driving situation. There is also a difference in power steering, with electric power steering for S4 and hydraulic power steering for STI.

The front grille uses Subaru’s common design, the “Hexagon grille,” and uses projector headlamps with U-shaped LED position lamps. The front end of the A-pillar is 200mm forward compared to the conventional WRX. The rear diffuser integrated bumper is equipped with a four-out muffler.

Compared to the previous model “4 door”, the body size is 15mm longer and 5mm higher. In addition, the wheelbase has been extended by 25 mm, and all of this extension has been used to expand the rear seat leg space.

Motor sports
Subaru Tecnica International (commonly known as STI), a consolidated subsidiary of SUBARU, has been competing in the Nürburgring 24-hour race since 2014 (2014) with a model based on the WRX STI.

The participating vehicles have the same core parts as the commercial model, and the engine is equipped with the same EJ20 type twin scroll turbo engine as the Japanese specification, and is tuned to a maximum output of 340PS and a maximum torque of 47kgf · m. The transmission is a 6-speed sequential gearbox, and the 4WD system is a DCCD system like the commercial vehicles. It was premiered at the Tokyo Auto Salon held in January 2014.

In the Nürburgring 24-hour race held in June 2014, he participated in the SP3T class. After 11 hours, he became the leader in the class, but after 13 hours, he came into contact with a low-speed vehicle and dropped the ranking. After that, due to problems with the drive system, he won the 4th place in the class and finished 32nd overall. The fastest lap during the race was 9 minutes 10 seconds 847.

In 2015, the Nürburgring 24-hour race was held on May 16th and 17th, Japan time, and participated in the SP3T class as in the previous year, overwhelming other cars in the same class from the beginning, and a big difference of 12 laps below the second place. The final result was the class championship, and the overall ranking was the highest ever, 18th overall.

In 2016, we will participate in the SP3T class as in the previous year and the year before last. The final race will be held on May 28th and 29th, Japan time, and the qualifying will start in the second place in the class. Immediately after the race starts, the course will be off due to bad weather such as hail and thunderstorm However, he ran 121 laps and won the class, finishing in 20th place overall. Achieved the second consecutive victory in the SP3T class following the previous year.

In 2017, he will participate in the SP3T class as above on May 27th and 28th, Japan time. The engine was in poor condition due to the heat at the beginning of the race, and although there were accidents such as contact with other cars after turning back, I was aiming for the third class victory, but three hours before the end of the race, the flame suddenly rose from inside the engine. , It became impossible to drive, and the 2017 challenge ended.

In 2018, he continued to participate in the final on May 12th and 13th, Japan time, but the power steering problem continued immediately after the start of the final from the day before the qualifying Q2, and he temporarily dropped to 3rd place in the class. Since it rained with lightning from midnight, it demonstrated the strength of four-wheel drive and showed a catch-up to 1st in the class and 49th overall. However, a trouble occurred in the engine control unit in the remaining 1 hour and 4 minutes after the red flag due to fog was released. With 22 minutes remaining, I managed to return, and I was able to finish the race in the class championship and 62nd overall.

In the rally, many privateers have participated in the Group N equivalent category (ERC2, APRC2, All Japan Rally Championship JN6) since the Impreza era, and in the WRC it is used as a recce car for Toyota and Citroen.

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