WPTDeepStacks London Online Crushes Main Event with over $2,200,000 Awarded in Series!

The first-ever WPTDeepStacks London Online series has come to an end. The series awarded $2,280,730 in prize money and welcomed a combined 8,735 entries.

The first-ever WPTDeepStacks London Online series on 888poker is in the books!

The weeklong 16-event series guaranteed to award more than $2 million in prize pools. But when the dust settled, they awarded $2,280,730 catering to a combined 8,735 entries.

Winners hailed from Latvia, Sweden, Malta, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Also, the Brazilian contingent came on strong at the end winning four of the last five events, including both the $100K Mini Main Event and $1,000,000 Main Event. More on both of those tournaments below.

Here are some highlights from the closing events of the series.

Brazil’s “paulinhooOO” Wins Main Event for $233,705

The WPTDS Event #16: $1,000,000 Main Event attracted 973 unique players who rebought 114 times. So, the 1,087-entry field surpassed the guarantee by creating a $1,087,000 prize pool.

Of those, 177 players returned for Sunday’s Day 2 final. 888poker live streamed the action on our social media channels and live reported on PokerNews.com.

Day 2 started in Level 13 (1,000/2,000/250) with “DeuceofDuc0” and his stack of nearly 200,000 leading the way.

Others who returned for Day 2 were a trio of 888poker Ambassadors –
Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche
Chris “888Moorman” Moorman
Sofia “sofialovgren” Lövgren

Also returning to Day 2 was 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event winner Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson.

The top 100 players were slated to get paid. So, 77 would leave empty handed, including Lövgren, the start-of-day chip leader “DeuceofDuc0”, and bubble boy “toastmanQ”, just to name a few.

Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were the following players –
・ “DANNY442” (10th – $10,870)
・ “Panxetillo” (12th – $8,696),
・ “algsxr” (17th – $8,696)
・ “IlovePickles” (23rd – $6,522)
・ “SpielerKind” (32nd – $5,978.50)
Jacobson (40th – $5,978.50)
・ “avidiu_maciu” (52nd – $3,804.50)
・ “xLIVEPROx” (71st – $2,717.50)
Moorman (77th – $2,717.50)

Among the final nine to make the final table were five players from Brazil.

Nitsche made a deep run all the way to the final table but ultimately bowed out in Level 30 (30,000/60,000/7,500). He lost a flip with pocket queens against the Big Slick of “AllanSheik” after two kings appeared on the flop.

Nitsche earned $21,740 for finishing in eighth place.

Not long after, Brazil’s Kevin “Kelvin_kerbe” Kerber followed him out the door. It happened after he raised and then called off when “mylly8” shoved all-in.

Kerber had the K♦9♦ and was looking to get there against the A♦10♥ of “mylly8”. That didn’t happen, though. He was left drawing dead on the turn after the board ran out 5♦5♣A♥4♥10♠. Kerber took $32,610 for his seventh-place finish.

With four players remaining, the UK’s Tom “sheeeeeeeeet” Hall shoved the button with ace-nine suited, Unlucky for his as “AllanSheik” woke up with ace-king in the big blind.

The superior ace held. But Hall was left short before going bust a couple of hands later. He lost with pocket deuces in a flop against queen-jack.

After 7 hours and 35 minutes of play on Day 2, the tournament came to an end in Level 33 (62,500/125,000/15,625). It started with a a preflop raising war resulting in Brazil’s “AllanSheik” getting their stack all-in with the 10♥10♠.

He looked up to see fellow countryman “paulinhooOO” roll over the J♣J♥.

The board ran out a clean 3♥A♠K♠2♦8♥. “AllanSheik” had to settle for second place and a $130,440 consolation prize.

WPTDS Main Event Final Table Results
・1st – “paulinhooOO” (Brazil) … $233,705
・2nd – “AllanSheik” (Brazil) … $130,440
・3rd – “SteliosCy” (Cyprus) … $84,786
・4th – Tom “sheeeeeeeeet” Hall (United Kingdom) … $65,220
・5th – Fabiano “FranciscoAl” Kovalski (Brazil_ … $54,350
・6th – “mylly8” (Finland) … $43,480
・7th – Kevin “Kelvin_kerbe” Kerber (Brazil) … $32,610
・8th – Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche (United Kingdom) … $21,740
・9th – “B.Drumond” (Brazil) … $16,305

In other “Main Event” news, Sunday’s $215 buy-in WPTDS Event #16: $100,000 Mini Main Event drew 584 runners. That number created a $116,800 prize pool.

Brazil’s “BrunoZika1” laid claim to the title along with a $21,363 top prize.

“Brunsonskid” the PKO Bounty Hunter
On Friday night, the $109 buy-in WPTDS Event #11: $50,000 PKO 8-Max saw 314 players rebuy 82 times. This number meant the $50,000 prize pool was split between regular and bounty pools.

The top 40 finishers got a piece of the former including the following players –
・ “JPiernik” (33rd for $175.16 + $237.50 in bounties)
“AUTISPOSTI” (26th for $202.34 + $100 in bounties)
・ “LucianMarx” (21st for $302 + $62.50 in bounties)
“AAmaniac1” (14th for $453 + $218.75 in bounties)
・ “avidiu_maciu” (6th for $1,208 + $100 in bounties)
“Fishmir” (3rd for $3,322 + $771.10 in bounties)

The final two players were each guaranteed $51,34 in prize money. But each were playing for the hefty $3,883.15 PKO bounty.

After eight and a half hours of play, it was “Brunsonskid” besting Brazil’s “coutopkr” to claim the title and a total payday of $9,017.15.

Event #11 Final Table Results
・1st – “Brunsonskid” (N/A) … $51,34 prize + $3,883.15 bounty = $9,017.15
・2nd – “coutpkr” (Brazil) … $5,134 prize + $1,105.07 bounty = $6,239.07
・3rd – “Fishmir” (Ukraine) … $3,322 prize + $771.10 bounty = $4,093.10
・4th – “pokanuktus” (Russia) … $2,416 prize + $957.82 bounty = $3,373.82
・5th – “Donk444” (United Kingdom) … $1,661 prize + $525.01 bounty = $2,186.01
・6th – “avidiu_maciu” (Romania) … $1,208 prize + $100 bounty = $1,308
・7th – “Marflon” (Russia) … $906 prize + $218.75 bounty = $1,124.75
・8th – “Vivi.888.” (N/A) … $755 prize + $176.56 bounty = $931.56

In other Friday news, the $16.50 buy-in WPTDS Event #12: $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max had 725 players rebuy 246 times to create a 971-entry field.

Brazil’s “Ghuinor” wound up as the last player standing to claim a total payday of $3,098.55.

Nitsche Makes Deep Run in Event #13: $100,000 6-Max
On Saturday, the $320 buy-in WPTDS Event #13: $100,000 6-Max had 209 players rebuy 94 times. The six-figure prize pool was paid out to the top 24 finishers.

Some of the familiar names to earn a payday were –
・ “cherrywin” (21st – $950)
・ “ahjaa” (17th – $1,250)
888poker Ambassador Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche (13th – $1,250)
・ Final table bubble boy or girl “plush0292” (7th – $3,000)

It took just over eight hours of play for Brazil’s “WarleyBrunob” to emerge victorious. He ultimately defeated Moldova’s “Panxetillo” in heads-up play to win the tournament for $24,000.

Event #13 Final Table Results
・1st – “WarleyBrunob” (Brazil) … $24,000
・2nd – “Panxetillo” (Moldova) … $16,550
・3rd – “Kroat.” (United Kingdom) … $12,500
・4th – “Korpisoturi2” (Finland) … $8,500
・5th – “cube.com11” (Germany) … $6,500
・6th – “psihodelik3” (Russia) … $4,500

The other event on Saturday was the $33 buy-in WPTDS Event #14: $20,000 Mini 6-Max. This tournament that drew 628 runners who rebought 247 times.

The 875-entry field resulted in a $26,250 prize pool. After 9 hours and 36 minutes of play, it was Russia’s “tutti404” claiming the title and accompanying $4,531.18 first-place prize.

888poker WPTDeepStacks London Online Winners