What Is A Super Over In Cricket?

・Super Over is used to break a tie in limited overs cricket
・The most famous Super Over was in the 2019 Cricket World Cup Final between England and New Zealand
・Ian Smith’s commentary of the 2019 World Cup Final is some of the best sports commentary ever.

While it might not seem it to experts studying cricket bets online, cricket is a complicated sport. It is a sport which can be daunting to the newbie, a sport with different formats, different rules and various complexities. The Super Over is just one complication for new cricket fans to understand. It’s rarely seen. It’s dramatic, and it’s pivotal for anyone who has placed a sports odds wager on the winner of a given match.

Cricket Super Over – Guide
・Super Over Rules
・First Super Over
・Super Over World Cup Final
・Super Over Commentary

You aren’t going to see the Super Over referenced in cricket betting tips. It’s only relevant in very specific circumstances, but it’s helpful to know exactly what it is and how it works.

As anyone who watched the 2019 World Cup Final will know, the Super Over happens quickly, and there’s a rush to get to grips with the rules and permutations.

Hopefully this article will help get an understanding of when Super Overs are used and the specific rules. Starting with the rules, here’s a look at the Super Over, the best, the first and Ian Smith’s perfect commentary.