World Underground most commonly refers to:Subterranea (geography), the regions beneath the surface of the Earth

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Places Commercial and cultural venues
The Underground (Boston), a music club in the Allston neighborhood of Boston
The Underground (Stoke concert venue), a club/music venue based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
Underground Atlanta, a shopping and entertainment district in the Five Points neighborhood of downtown Atlanta, Georgia

Buenos Aires Underground, a rapid transit system
London Underground, a rapid transit system

Arts, entertainment, and media Films
Underground (1928 film), a drama by Anthony Asquith
Underground (1941 film), a war drama by Vincent Sherman
Underground (1970 film), a war drama starring Robert Goulet
Underground (1976 film), a documentary about the radical organization the Weathermen
Underground (1989 film), a film featuring Melora Walters
Underground (1995 film), a film by Emir Kusturica
The Underground (1997 film), a cop must stop the killings of rap stars
Underground (2007 film), a British independent film starring Mark Strange
Underground (2011 film), a horror film starring Adrian R’Mante
Underground: The Julian Assange Story, a 2012 Australian television film on Julian Assange for Network Ten

Underground (role-playing game), a satirical superhero game
Underground, an expansion pack for Tom Clancy’s The Division
Medal of Honor: Underground, a 2000 first-person shooter
Need for Speed: Underground, a 2003 racing video game
Need for Speed: Underground 2, a 2004 racing video game
Tony Hawk’s Underground, a 2003 skateboarding video game
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, a 2004 skateboarding video game
Underground Zone,the first level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)
Hedgehog 2(8-bit)

Underground (Dreyfus book), a 1997 nonfiction book about computer hacking
Underground (McGahan novel), by Andrew McGahan
Underground (Murakami book), a 1998 collection of interviews about the Tokyo sarin gas attack
The Underground (Animorphs), by K. A. Applegate
The Underground (Left Behind: The Kids), by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

Other uses in literature
Underground comix

Music Albums
Underground (The Electric Prunes album), 1967
Underground (Thelonious Monk album), 1968
Memphis Underground, Herbie Mann album, 1968
Underground (Twinkle Brothers album), ?
Underground (Phil Keaggy album), 1983
Underground (Graham Bonnet album), 1997
Underground (Jayo Felony album), 1999
Underground (Courtney Pine album), 1997
Underground (Chris Potter album), 2006
Underground (soundtrack), by Goran Bregović, 2000
Underground, by Analog Pussy, ?
Underground Vol. 1: (1991–1994), a compilation album by Three 6 Mafia, 1999
Underground Vol. 2: Club Memphis, a compilation album by Three 6 Mafia, 1999

“Underground”, a song by Curtis Mayfield from Roots, 1970
“Underground”, a song by Gentle Giant from Civilian
“Underground”, a song by Tom Waits from Swordfishtrombones
“Underground”, song by Men at Work from Business as Usual,

“Underground” (David Bowie song), featured in the film Labyrinth
“Underground” (Ben Folds Five song), 1995
“Underground” (Evermore song), 2010
“Underground”, a song by Circa Zero from Circus Hero
“Underground”, a song by Decadence from Undergrounder, 2017
“Underground”, a song by Eminem from Relapse
“Underground”, a song by Jane’s Addiction from The Great Escape

“Underground”, a song by Pokey LaFarge from Something In The

“Underground”, a song by The Tea Party from Triptych
“The Underground”, a song by Mani Spinx

Music Group
Velvet Underground, art rock, psychedelic rock group

Other uses in music
Underground music, a variety of music subgenres

The Underground (newspaper), the student newspaper of the University of Toronto at Scarborough
The Underground, a satirical student newspaper at the University of British Columbia

Television Series
Underground (TV series), a 2016 American television drama series
TCM Underground, a weekly cult-film showcase
The Underground (TV series), a sketch comedy show

“Underground” (1958 TV play) British television drama, part of Arm