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Is there any minimum membership period?
Membership on our site is from 30 day.
If you have registered for 30 day, you can watch movies (except HG) for 30 day even after your withdrawal.

Renewal frequency?
It depends on days of your membership.
Every 30 day for 30 day member and every 180 day for 180 day member.

An exchange rate of when is applied to credit payment of $?
Though it is based on a standard exchange rate, please contact your credit card company for details since the rate is regulated by the company.
Please rest assured that we do not specify the rate.

When I click the payment button an error occurs and I can’t finish my registration.
Check information filled in is correct. Input user ID/password with half-width English numbers and letters.
If an error still occurs, please copy the error message and the session ID and contact our support team.

I don’t receive a completion email for my register.
Please check your spam folder if you do not receive e-mail n 48 hours after registration.
Also our e-mail may be blocked if you use e-mail of nifty, ocn, dion, and others.
If you can login correctly, your registration is completed.
Please contact support for any questions.

I want to change my registration info.
On our site, you can change only your email and password but not ID for payment reason.
To change your email and password, please use “Change info” on My page or contact support.

61 days since registration but I cannot download VIP movies.
All members be VIP members on the 61st day from registration though time varies.
A 30 day member is promoted on the 2nd payment renewal and a 60 day member is the same on the 1st one.
Time of payment renewal varies depending on registration time.

What is the withdrawal procedure? When should I do it?
Our site operates with an automatic membership renewal system, meaning that if you do not withdrawal request from our site yourself your membership will be automatically renewed when the term expires.

If you wish to withdraw your membership, please submit us the withdrawal request form at least 2 days prior to the next renewal day of your membership account.

Fill in your registration information on the withdrawal request form and click the “Send” button. If the withdrawal process is completed successfully, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you had registered at our site within 48 hours.

After withdrawing, you will still be able to use our site until your current membership expires.
※HG (High Grade) contents are unavailable after withdrawal request.

Error is displayed when withdrawing.
There may be following possibilities.

1. User ID/password is incorrect.
For withdrawal you need to fill in user ID/password when you registered.
Fill it with uppercase and lowercase letters correctly for withdrawal though you can login regardless of the letters.
Ex. When registered ID is Yamadan and you can login with yamada (Without captal Y), fill in Yamada for withdrawal.

2. Your status is expired.
If your status is expired because of payment failure and others, withdrawal will be error.
Because we have sapre dates, you may be able to use our site for a few days after the expiry.
Please contact support for any questions.

No withdrawal e-mail received.
Please check your spam folder if you do not receive e-mail n 48 hours after withdrawal.
Also our e-mail may be blocked if you use e-mail of nifty, ocn, dion, and others. Please check your status on “Status” on My page.
If you complete withdrawal, your status will be Withdrawn.
Also please contact support for any questions.