Streaker On The Pitch | Famous Streakers In Sports

We’ve seen a streaker on the pitch on many occasions but who are the most famous streakers in sports history?
・Michael O’Brien is regarded as the first ever streaker, raiding Twickenham Stadium during an England vs France rugby match
・Many streakers use the opportunity to protest or express disapproval at an event
・Kinsey Wolanski is one of the most famous pitch invaders, streaking during the 2018/19 Champions League final

If you watch all the major sports events each year, chances are you will have witnessed a streaker on the pitch at one stage in your life.

Sports betting fans from around the world will recall Champions League final streaker Kinsey Wolanski while the Super Bowl and Wimbledon have also been targeted.

Famous Sports Streakers
・Wimbledon Streaker
・Super Bowl Streaker
・Champions League Final Streaker
・Twickenham Streaker
・Grand National Streaker

While some streakers are simply seeking attention after a few too many drinks, many are deliberate attempts to sabotage an event or criticise a political view. From stripping down and gracing the Open Championship to raiding the Grand National, sports streakers have contributed to entertaining scenes around the world.

We’ve seen plenty of streakers at the biggest sports events over the years and it is time to get down to some of the most memorable streakers in sports history.

Streaker At Wimbledon
In 1996, 23-year-old Melissa Johnson leapt over the Wimbledon barrier onto the court and ran the length of the playing area wearing nothing but a maid’s apron. Johnson proceeded to lift the apron and expose herself to both players before showing off her assets to the royal box – her streak was over quicker than the fastest tennis serve.

The players were visibly shocked, though most of the Wimbledon crowd found the incident hilarious. Malivai Washington walked to the baseline and lifted his shirt and received a huge ovation. The Wimbledon streak was one of the most bizarre moments in the club’s illustrious history, with the board taking a light-hearted approach to the incident in their statement.

Super Bowl Streaker
Yuri Andrade made it onto the Raymond James Stadium turf at Super Bowl LV and the story behind his streak is now famous around the world. Following his appearance on the field, Andrade boasted that he had placed a $50,000 wager that there would be a Super Bowl streaker in February 2021. He then proceeded to streak onto the field himself, donning a hot-pink outfit and receiving plenty of attention from the millions watching at home.

However, the $50,000 bet was voided by the bookmaker after Andrade tested the integrity and principles of prop bets offered in the industry. NFL expert picks followers, take note…

Streaker Champions League Final
Kinsey Wolanski sent shockwaves around the world when she invaded the pitch during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. The 22-year-old ran onto the field in a black swimsuit promoting an adult website in a stunt that was reportedly worth around £3 million in publicity.

Wolanski’s personal Instagram page soared in the aftermath, increasing from around 30,000 followers to 2.4 million followers before her account was removed. She was subsequently fined £13,000 by UEFA for invading the showpiece fixture. The Champions League final streaker even received attention from some Liverpool players, with Wolanski claiming a number of Reds sent flirty messages in the days after the event.

Streaker At Twickenham
Credited with being the first streaker in sports history, Michael O’Brien raided the hallowed Twickenham turf during England vs France in 1974. Ironically, O’Brien was Australian and had no sporting interest in the outcome of the match so agreed to a £10 bet to strip naked and enter the pitch.

There is a rather famous image of policeman Bruce Perry covering O’Brien with his helmet, with the policeman stating: “It was a cold day and he didn’t have anything to be proud of, but I didn’t think twice about using my helmet.”

Traditionally, rugby union is associated with the upper classes of society and the rugby betting odds of a repeat incident occurring in 2021 are slim.

Grand National Streaker
Mark Roberts developed a reputation as a serial streaker, stripping down to invade the pitch at over 300 events – including the Super Bowl, The Open and Wimbledon.

However, it was his two Grand National streaks that earn him a place on this list of famous sports streakers. His first effort took place in 1996, wearing nothing more than a cowboy hat and false moustache.

Three years later, Roberts was invading the course once again – though that streak wasn’t as high profile or as memorable as the first.

In 2007, police attempted to place an interim anti-social behaviour order on Roberts to stop him from attending Aintree racecourse. Horse racing fans still speak about Roberts to this day.