First GC / GF series (1992-2000)
The packaging is a C-segment sedan and a 5-door hatchback itself, but the hatchback has been promoted as a new “sports wagon” after incorporating usability as a station wagon. The sedan also serves as a successor to Leone’s low-priced sedan 1600 (Myr / Myr II).

In addition, through annual improvements and aggressive introduction of special-purpose vehicles, the company maintained its high product appeal through a very long model cycle of eight years, which is unusual for a Japanese compact car.

The model that was given the highest performance as a vehicle participating in the World Rally Championship (WRC) instead of the Legacy RS was named “WRX” . As for the engine, the EJ20 type DOHC turbo (240PS) that was installed in the Legacy RS has been redesigned around the head.

The body design is based on the interior of Subaru. It features a soft image with almost all rounded corners, such as a smooth silhouette named “flowing line”.

The body (chassis) was developed based on the body of the original Legacy, and the total length is 200 mm, the wheelbase is narrowed by 60 mm, and the total height is raised by 10 mm. The white body weighs 175 kg, which is 25 kg lighter than the original Legacy’s 200 kg, and the vehicle weight is 80 kg lighter.

For NA vehicles, 5-speed MT and E-4 speed AT were prepared, and for turbo vehicles, 5-speed MT was prepared with normal ratio and close ratio, and E-4 speed AT and VTD-AWD transmission were prepared. ..

For the “WRX type RA STi” and “WRX type R STi“, “DCCD (Driver’s Control Center Diff)” was prepared in combination with the mechanical rear LSD. DCCD is a mechanism that can arbitrarily adjust the torque distribution of the front and rear wheels with a dial installed beside the shift lever. The operating principle is an application of an electromagnetic clutch. At the same time, the rear wheel differential will be increased in size to R180, and a mechanical LSD will be incorporated. The diameter of the rear wheel drive shaft and the diameter of the parking brake drum have also been increased.

The suspension is a strut type with an L-shaped lower arm in the front, and a parallel link strut type that combines two lateral links (parallel links) and a trailing link in the rear, which is common to the original Legacy. The MT car of the sedan “WRX” has a new aluminum alloy forged front lower arm to reduce unsprung weight.

As for the brakes, ventilated disc brakes are standard equipment on all front wheels, and the “WRX” is also covered on the rear wheels. In addition, the “STi version” after the D year revision has a 4-pot caliper facing the front and a 16-inch compatible disc rotor, and the “WRX type RA STi” and “WRX type R STi” after the E year revision have a rear facing 2 A pot caliper and a 15-inch compatible disc rotor were adopted.

The engine uses a horizontally opposed 4-cylinder “EJ” type for all grades. There are four types when we distinguish them in detail.

Motor sports

The Impreza has consistently been inseparable from motor sports, especially rally competitions, since the first generation. At the World Rally Championship (WRC), he fought evenly with Citroen and Peugeot, and has always been involved in the championship battle at domestic events. As a 2.0 L class rally competition vehicle, it is named alongside Mitsubishi Motors’ Lancer Evolution not only in Japan but also in the world, and in particular, Group N class until recent years was almost monopolized by these two models, Subaru Contributed greatly to the construction of the global brand image of Mitsubishi.

It may also be used by teams of manufacturers who do not have high-performance four-wheel drive commercial vehicles, not only for competition production but also as a vehicle for recce of rally stages.

He has won three Manufacturers’Champions (1995, 1996, 1997) and three Drivers’ Champions (1995, 2001, 2003) at the World Rally Championship (WRC).

On December 16, 2008, Subaru decided to graduate at the end of 2008 because it was judged that the original purpose was almost achieved due to the influence of the global recession and the fact that the victory had been away for more than 3 years. Announcing the end of WRC participation, the Works Impreza’s participation in WRC has ended accordingly.

First 4-door Group A (1993-1996)
The homologation name is “Impreza 555” [Note 25]. In the WRC (World Rally Championship), it was introduced in place of Legacy from the 9th round “1000 Lake Rally” at the end of the 1993 season, and made a brilliant debut as 2nd place in the first race with the drive of Ari Vatanen. In 1994, 1990/1992 champion Carlos Sainz transferred from Toyota. His delicate setting ability improved his fighting power, and he won his first victory in the 6th round “Acropolis Rally”, and in addition to two wins by McRae, he also won second place in the manufacturer’s points. In 1995, Subaru won five out of eight races, and in the sixth year since its full-scale entry, Subaru won the double title of Manufacturers and Drivers (C. McRae). In 1996, the driver’s title was taken away by Mitsubishi’s Tommi Makinen, but he won the manufacturer’s title for the second consecutive year. Recognized as the strongest rally machine in Group A, it contributed significantly to improving Subaru’s branding in Europe, selling the Impreza, and expanding the popularity of rallies in Japan.

The first 2-door World Rally Car (1997-2000)
Subaru chose the 2-door Litona as the base car for the introduction of the World Rally Car, which has relaxed Group A regulations. In 1997, he won the manufacturer’s title by accumulating driver points. It was the only Japanese manufacturer to achieve the manufacturer’s title for the third consecutive year. However, in 1998 and 1999, he was behind Mitsubishi and Toyota who had returned, and with the participation of Peugeot Citroen, he was far from the title. In 2000, a major renovation was carried out in anticipation of the transition to the second generation Impreza.

2nd generation 4-door World Rally Car (2001-2008)
Richard Burns won the WRC Driver’s title in 2001 and Petter Solberg in 2003. At Rally Japan, which was held for the first time in 2004, Petter Solberg was the first winner to commemorate. In 2005, Toshihiro Arai won the season championship in the production car WRC (PCWRC). However, in 2006 and 2007, when the rival team could not keep up with the improvement of the fighting power, Subaru ended up with a humiliating yearly unwinning.

3rd generation 5-door World Rally Car (2008)
With the full model change, the hatchback body has a short rear overhang and a long wheelbase, so it is finally possible to fight with the same body and dimension as rivals such as Citroen and Ford.

However, due to the withdrawal of tobacco sponsors, there are insufficient tests compared to Citroen and Ford, which have abundant funds, and at the development site, which originated from the repeated removal, withdrawal, and dismissal of top engineers in Prodrive who were in charge of development and operation. Helping with the confusion, the problem of time-consuming machine development and aging did not improve when switched to the new model. In addition, the regulation of the WR car can change the mounting position and mounting angle of the engine within the regulation, and if it is a horizontally installed series engine, it is possible to design it to greatly improve the center of gravity, such as tilting the engine backward and moving it toward the center of the machine. There is almost no room for modification to the Impreza, which lays out the horizontally opposed engine vertically, and the WR car regulations themselves, which do not make the best use of the goodness of the road car, which was tremendous in Group A and N, were disadvantageous for the Impreza.

On December 16, 2008, it was officially announced that it would withdraw from the WRC that same year, and the Impreza’s Works Entry, which has been maintained for 14 years since the 1993 1000 Lakes Rally (Rally Finland), History has come to an end. The 14th consecutive Works full entry under the same car name is the longest record in WRC history.

Rally America
In rally competitions other than the World Rally Championship (WRC), Ken Block and Travis Pastrana of “Subaru Rally Team USA” played an active part in Rally America and continued to overwhelm their rivals.

Impreza is also active in fields other than rallies.

He participated in the All Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC) in 1996 and 1998 with the first sports wagon from SYMS Racing. Since it was permitted to change the drive system due to regulations, it was set to FR, and if it was an engine manufactured by the same manufacturer, it could be replaced, so the EJ18 was bored up and docked with the DOHC cylinder head of the EJ20, a 2.0 L NA DOHC engine. Was installed.

In SUPER GT (formerly JGTC), Cusco Racing (Carosse) participated in the first 2-door coupe from the final race in 1997, and the second-generation 4-door car has participated as a specially certified vehicle since 2002. Initially, the regulation was such that the minimum vehicle weight was added to the four-wheel drive vehicle, so FR was selected because it was judged that it was better to reduce the vehicle weight than the traction by four-wheel drive. After that, four-wheel drive specifications have been participating since the middle of 2006 when the minimum weight distinction by drive system disappeared. Also, probably because of the success of the Impreza, a 4-door car was recognized from 2008 (Heisei 13), and in the 4th round Malaysia of the same year, it won the first victory as a 4-door and four-wheel drive car. However, in 2009, the team reduced its activities and did not participate in the race.

In Super Taikyu, he won the ST2 class (former class 2) series championship in 2002 and 2005, and from 2013 to 2016 with four consecutive victories.

In the Nürburgring 24-hour race, the WRX STI won the SP3T class in 2011 (21st overall) and the following 2012 in the same class (28th overall).

Competitive drift
The first and second generations (Tear Eye, Tear Eye Kai Takame GDB) were used as Team Orange machines for the D1 Grand Prix. Since Subaru’s horizontally opposed 4WD is installed vertically, it can be made into FR by small processing of the center differential, and a four-wheel drive modified rear-wheel drive specification was manufactured relatively quickly. Of course, since all the output is concentrated on the rear wheels, it is essential to strengthen the drive system around the rear axle.

In the commercial released by TOYOTA GAZOO RACING in 2017, Toyota President Akio Toyoda put Takeru Sato in the passenger seat of the Impreza and showed it drifting, appealing to car lovers who are not particular about the frame of the car maker.

Origin of the car name
The name of Impreza, IMPREZA, is a coined word from the English word “IMPRESA” which means “emblem” and “gold word”.

WRX, which is the name of the high-power model, is a coined word that is a combination of the WRC “WR” and the name “RX” used in the Leone sports grade.

By the way, the subname of the 3rd generation sedan, ANESIS, means “safety” and “relaxation” in Greek, and the “G” in the subname “G4” of the 4th and subsequent sedans is “genuine, genuine” in English. The acronym “Genuine” for “” and “4” mean 4 doors.

The crossover model XV means Crossover (= X-over) Vehicle.

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