SLEEPLESS ~A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Black Rose House, a Western-style mansion nestled deep in the mountains…

Ryohei Takamiya, a university student who will be staying there for a week as a tutor, visits the mansion in high spirits.

In the mansion, there is a bewitching mature woman Marie Mamiya, her daughter Maria, a beautiful girl,
Three women lived there, including Aira, a maid who worked at her mansion.
Takamiya is entrusted with tutoring the beautiful but selfish girl, Maria.
As he spends time at the mansion, he is seduced into lewd temptations by the girls one after another.

And as he spends his days at the mercy of three sex-starved women, drowning in pleasure with them, the gears of fate gradually go awry…

Will what awaits beyond that point be a rosy future or a nightmarish reality?

The door of the Black Rose Hall is now open…

●Marie Mamiya (CV: Shino Nakano)
The leader of the Mamiya Zaibatsu, a bewitching and beautiful widow.
She is the owner of the villa, Black Rose Hall, and has been living in the Black Rose Hall with her daughter Maria for a while now, leaving the main house to her other daughters.

“Oh, I’m so happy. It’s nice to hear a young person say that.”

●Maria Mamiya (CV: Riruka Hoshi)
Marie’s beloved daughter, a self-proclaimed genius beauty who has inherited her mother’s beauty.
As her youngest daughter, she is loved very much, and perhaps because she was raised so spoiled, she has a very selfish and competitive personality.
Because of her personality, most of the tutors she hires don’t last long.

“He seems to be a lot more unreliable than I thought.”

●Aira Katagiri (CV: Leo Miyoshi)
A servant who works at the Black Rose House.
Because of her personality, which does not show her emotions, her expression is cold and mysterious, like a mask.
Her quiet demeanor doesn’t suit her, and her breast size exceeds Marie and Maria’s.

“Then, if you need anything, please let me know at any time…”

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