Ronaldinho Net Worth: How Much Is Ronaldinho Worth?

Ronaldinho net worth figures are hard to come by since the Ronaldinho prison news was released – but how much is Ronaldinho really worth?
・Ronaldinho’s estimated wealth is in the region of $90 million, though figures are increasingly unclear.
・The Brazil legend was a huge force in European football, playing for the likes of Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.
・Ronaldinho is popular on social media, with over 50 million followers on Instagram alone.

Ronaldinho was the star of his generation. The dominant figure in European football before the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho was the player to watch. A major influence on football betting odds, the Brazil legend announced himself on the big stage with that free-kick past David Seaman at the 2002 World Cup.

Ronaldinho Net Worth Guide
・Ronaldinho Brazil
・Ronaldinho Barcelona
・Ronaldinho Boots
・Ronaldinho Skills
・Ronaldinho Wife
・Ronaldinho Prison

The former Barcelona star has found himself in trouble since announcing his retirement, with Ronaldinho jail reports raising eyebrows across the globe. Here, we look at Ronaldinho’s incredible playing career while also diving into some of his personal life – how much do YOU think Ronaldinho is worth?

Ronaldinho Brazil
One of the first players to spring to mind when you think of the famous Brazil jersey, Ronaldinho earned 97 caps for his country – putting him 10th on the all-time list of most Brazil appearances. In those matches, Ronaldinho notched an impressive 33 goals. While the likes of Ronaldo, Pele and Neymar rank above him, that is still an exceptional haul for an attacking midfielder.

Ronaldinho was an ever-present for Brazil during the peak of his powers, helping his country to Copa America victory in 1999 before clinching a fifth FIFA World Cup in 2002. Ronaldinho’s impact and influence on the national side helped to earn plaudits from around the world and he was named World Player of the Year on two occasions before joining the illustrious Ballon d’Or winners list in 2005.

Ronaldinho Barcelona
Remembered primarily for his time at Barcelona, Ronaldinho led the club to Champions League glory in 2005/06 – their first European triumph for almost two decades. That victory was the catalyst for Barcelona to dominate Europe’s elite competition, cementing their status as Champions League betting favourites ahead of each campaign. Ronaldinho lit up La Liga during his five seasons at the club, notching 70 goals in 145 league games. In addition, he added 18 goals in 42 European fixtures at Camp Nou. A true wizard of the game, Ronaldinho brought a new skillset to European football and fans will remember his time at Barcelona as the start of Spanish dominance – both at club level and on the international stage.

Ronaldinho Boots
Playing for an elite club in the top 5 leagues of European football, Ronaldinho was always going to be set for a mega-money endorsement footwear deal. Ronaldinho was a huge hit with Nike, firstly donning Nike Mercurial and Nike Air Zoom boots before switching to the Nike Air Legend range. Moulded around the Nike Tiempo style, that particular football boot is now synonymous with Ronaldinho around the world. Ronaldinho net worth figures have been bolstered greatly by various advertising deals over the years and the Tiempo is still one of the most popular boots in the sport.

Ronaldinho Skills
Ronaldinho has been lucky enough to play for some of the richest football clubs in the world and his skills have been broadcast to millions of fans across the globe. Young fans spent hours watching Ronaldinho skills videos on YouTube in a bid to copy the great Brazilian and his legacy will live forever when it comes to football trickery.

The ‘Elastico’ was one of Ronaldinho’s token moves, bamboozling defenders into going the wrong way and allowing the Brazil star time in possession. One of the trickiest dribblers football has ever seen, Ronaldinho skills had no boundaries – he was often captured playing crossbar against himself and few players will ever have the audacity or talent to emulate the best Ronaldinho tricks.

Ronaldinho Wife
It looks like Ronaldinho is winning off the pitch as well as on it. According to reports, the Brazil star has two wives – Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza. Priscilla hails from Bela Horizonte and studied at the city’s main university before taking a role in guest relations with Royal Caribbean Cruises. Media sources believe Ronaldinho began dating her between 2012 and 2014. Beatriz is more of a closed book, though she is also from Bela Horizonte and is likely to have met Ronaldinho during his time with Atletico Mineiro. However, Ronaldinho shot down reports of a double marriage back in May 2018. The Brazil legend said: “I’m not going to get married, it is the biggest lie.”

Ronaldinho Prison
In July 2019, 50 of Ronaldinho’s properties were seized due to unpaid taxes and fines dating back almost an entire decade. The Athletic reported that prosecutors found less than £10 in Ronaldinho’s bank accounts after looking through his finances. Since then, Ronaldinho and brother Roberto were held in Paraguay on suspicion of entering the country with a fake passport. This incident occurred in March 2020. To this day, Ronaldinho remains in jail alongside Roberto. The Brazil legend spent his 40th birthday in prison, reportedly celebrating with a BBQ and a huge birthday cake.