REBECCA is a Japanese rock band. He left behind hit songs such as “Friends” in the late 1980s, and became the forerunner of the second band boom with BOØWY. After the dissolution in 1991, it has been reunited twice and has resumed its activities since 2015.

Formed and debuted
In February 1982, Takehiko Kogure (Shake) of the guitar became the leader, and amateur musicians in Saitama Prefecture gathered and formed. The band name was taken by Kogure from Kate Douglas Wiggin’s novel “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” (original title: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm). The predecessor band was a male vocalist, but NOKKO (sister of bass guitarist Kouji Yamada), who was the vocalist of the girls band “DOLL”, will join. In July of the same year, Kogure and NOKKO went to Los Angeles to sell demo tapes, and the band was suspended. The two returned home without fulfilling their dreams, and in January 1983, bass Noriyuki Takahashi joined and the band restarted.

In August 1983, he passed the audition for CBS / Sony’s FITZBEAT label, and Akio Dobashi, a keyboard player, joined. Debuted on April 21, 1984 with the single “Wearham Boat Club”. The number of fans will gradually increase, mainly in live houses, but record sales will struggle.

turning point
In January 1985, Kogure and Tatsuya Konuma of drums withdrew due to differences in musical direction. The band’s founder and composer, Kogure, was virtually expelled and faced a crisis of survival, but Morio Koga on guitar and Yutaka Odawara on drums joined and relaunched with Dobashi as the new leader. Dobashi is in charge of sound production, shifting from the rock line to the synth pop line. While incorporating the styles of overseas female singers of the same era such as Cindy Roper and Madonna, NOKKO’s singing voice and dance, and lyrics incorporating the girl’s psychology of teenagers were pushed to the front.

The two who left the band formed a new band with Yutaka Tadokoro (DIAMOND ☆ YUKAI) and Kiyoshi Ogawa, but because Kogure tried to continue using the name “Rebecca”, two groups of “Rebecca” were temporarily used. There was a band called “. After that, after going through “Rebecca”, Kogure changed the name to “RED WARRIORS” because “I really wanted to make the band name start with” R “”.

From break to dissolution
In April 1985, the third single “Love Is Cash” under the new system charted in for the first time, and the third album “WILD & HONEY” recorded No. 6 on the Oricon chart. In June, a one-man concert will be held at Nippon Seinenkan. Rebecca’s song was used in the TV drama “Half Potato Na We”, which started broadcasting in October, and the single “Friends / Girls Bravo!”, Which recorded the OP / ED theme, was a big hit in Oricon 3rd place (300,000 copies). The 4th original album “REBECCA IV ~ Maybe Tomorrow ~” released in November 1985 won the 1st place on the Oricon chart, and recorded a million seller (total of over 1.3 million copies), which was unusual for a domestic rock album at that time.

After that, he released hit singles such as “RASPBERRY DREAM”, “MONOTONE BOY” and “MOON”, and all the albums after “REBECCA IV” achieved sales of more than 800,000 copies . He also won the 1st place on the chart in the remix album. In 1988, he won the 2nd Japan Gold Disc Award for Artist of the Year (Japanese music category) for his sixth original album “Poison”. Live performances at Nippon Budokan 6days (January 1987), outdoor live performance of 50,000 people at Yokosuka Port “REBECCA FROM THE FAR EAST” (August 1987), concert tour “BLOND SAURUS” at Tokyo Dome (1989) (July) and other large-scale events were successful. However, the extremely busy schedule began to affect the creation, and it was decided that a break should be made once, and the concert tour “BLOND SAURUS’s Counterattack” performed at the Nippon Budokan in January 1990 was the last activity. Pause. It was disbanded on February 14, 1991, the following year.

After the dissolution of Rebecca, the band “BABY’S BREATH” formed by Takahashi, Odawara, Koichi Korenaga of support guitar, Manabu Miyahara, and his producer & backing band Toshifumi Shibata was initially “Manabu Miyahara & It was called “Rebecca Unit”.

After that, the members started solo activities, but in May 1995, a two-day limited reunion live was held at Yokohama Arena for the purpose of supporting the reconstruction of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Furthermore, in 1999, he released “Friends ~ remixed edition ~” as the theme song of the drama, and in June 2000, he released the original single “Kami-sama to Nakanaori / HELLO TEENAGE” for the first time in 12 years. At this time, the live was not performed, and there was no comment to end the activity, and it ended in the form of natural disappearance.

On April 21, 2015, it was announced that the reunion live “Yesterday, Today, Maybe Tomorrow” will be held at Yokohama Arena on August 12th and 13th, and the official website was opened at the same time. NOKKO said that the reason for the reunion was “I felt fresh when I listened to the sealed Rebecca songs again.” Noriyuki Takahashi, the bass player, has stopped his musical activities and will use his vacation as an office worker to participate. An additional performance at Saitama Super Arena will be decided on November 29th. On December 31, the same year, he made his first appearance in the “66th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”.

From early spring 2017, we signed a contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC and held a national tour “REBECCA LIVE TOUR 2017” for the first time in about 28 and a half years from July to September 2017. The tour’s performance at Nippon Budokan was released as a DVD / Blu-ray. Also, on November 1st of the same year, he released the original single “Koi ni Ochitara” for the first time in 17 years.

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