Mizuki is a cosplayer with a long history in Japanese porn, starting since she was 18 as a nude model. With her soft white Japanese skin, long slender body and legs she still continues to model. She also regularly does photoshoot events with her fans where she cosplays in her fans favorite characters. Maybe you will join her fan club too! Currently she only does hardcore porn with Cospuri, so your membership gives you exclusive access to her latest work. Mizuki loves to give her all, and often studies the character beforehand so she can perform in character.

She has a pet hamster, which she loves more than anything. In fact she loves hamsters so much that she wants to open a hamster cafe. In her free time she likes to go cycling, watching movies, and going to cafes. She also loves listening to vocaloid performances and watching Love Live.

Actress: Mizuki
country: japan
Age: 26 years old
Height: 162cm
Measurements: B86 W56 H83
Foot Size: 24.5cm
Leg Length: 86cm
Thigh Width: 15cm
Hobbies: Watching movies
Skills: Skating