Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926-August 5, 1962) is an American actress and model. Famous for her role as a typical “Blonde bombshell”, she was one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s. It symbolized the attitude of the times towards sexuality. She was a flower actor for only a decade before her unexpected death in 1962, but her film earned $ 200 million. She continues to be considered an icon of popular culture.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Monroe spent most of her childhood in an orphanage with her foster parents and married at the age of 16. During the war, she worked in a factory in 1944, but was introduced to a photographer in the First Motion Picture Unit and began her career as a pin-up model. She then signed short-term film contracts with 20th Century Fox (1946-47) and Columbia Pictures (1948). For two years after appearing in a minor film under a new contract with Fox from 1951, she has several dramas, including “As Young as You Feel, Retirement!” And “Monkey Business,” and Appeared in drama movies such as “Clash by Night (English version)” and “Knock is useless”. She turned out that Monroe was taking nude photos before she became a star, but she didn’t damage her career, but rather she increased her interest in her films. ..

By 1953, Monroe starred in three films: the noir Niagara, which focused on her sexual appeal, and the comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and How to Marry a Millionaire. Played and established the star image of “Dumb blonde” (a character based on the stereotype that “blonds are smarter than those with dark hair”). She has become one of Hollywood’s most famous stars. Throughout his career, Monroe was dissatisfied with the studio’s creation and management of her public image, but not paying enough for the same type of role. She refused her film project and was temporarily closed in 1954, but she regained her star status in one of her career’s biggest box office films, The Seven Year Itch. ..

Monroe founded a film production company in late 1954 when the studio was still reluctant to change contracts. She named it Marilyn Monroe Productions (MMP). She began learning method acting at Actors Studios in 1955. In late 1955, Fox signed a new contract with her, giving her more control and more salary. In 1956, her “Bus Stop” was praised by critics, and she was nominated for the British Academy Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in MMP’s first independent project, “Prince and Dancer.” She won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for “Some Like It Hot” in 1959. Her 1961 release, The Misfits, became her last work.

Her annoying private life in Monroe has received a lot of attention, and she has been married to baseball star Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller since becoming a Hollywood actress. Meanwhile, she suffered from substance abuse, depression and anxiety. On August 5, 1962, she died at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 36 from an overdose of barbital. Conspiracy theories have been advocated for her death in Monroe. Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Madonna and others have been called the “Second Marilyn Monroe.” According to Nagaharu Yodogawa, Monroe had a feeling that she “wanted to appear in a literary work like Shakespeare,” and she said it was pitiful that it didn’t happen in her lifetime.


Monroe was born into a single-parent family. Since she does not have a family register in the United States, the birth certificate written by her doctor immediately after her birth is supposed to have legal implications. Her birth certificate states her father: Edward Mortenson, mother: Gladys Monroe, and her name: Norma Jean Mortenson, allegedly controversial about her real father. .. Her parents were divorced in 1928. She has called Charles Stanley Gifford, a colleague of her mother who may have been her real father, to Norma, who later grew up, but she has been refused to meet. In addition, her mother Gladys changed the surname of her Norma from Mortenson to Baker shortly after Norma was born, and when her Monroe introduced herself, her name was Norma. He claims to be Jean Baker. Monroe also received a decision from the New York State Court on February 23, 1956 that she could change her real name to Marilyn Monroe. She was therefore her real name was Marilyn Monroe Miller when she married Arthur Miller.

Her real name, Norma, is allegedly taken from her movie-loving mother, Gladys, from her then-favorite actress Norma Talmadge. Her Jean is said to have come from the 1930s sex symbol Jean Harlow, but this isn’t true because her entertainment debut was in 1930, when Monroe was four years old. Her mother, Gladys Baker (formerly Monroe), had told her that President James Monroe, known for her “Monroe Declaration,” was her ancestor, but her daughter, Monroe, allegedly laughed at herself. ..

Her biography translated into Japanese states that Marilyn was an orphan, but she cannot be called an orphan in Japanese because of her mother. This is a misunderstanding she received because she was raised in an orphanage or as an adopted child. Marilyn also has an older sister who is seven years older than her father. She had been anxious about her sister since she became an actress, and she was so close that she exchanged letters and visited each other. Her sister is attending Marilyn’s funeral. She was none other than her sister who chose her Marilyn shroud to prepare for her funeral with Joe DiMaggio.

Her mother of her Marilyn worked as a film cutter at RKO, a major film production company, but because she suffered from a mental illness, her mother’s best friend Grace McKee (later married and Goddard ” Goddard “) became Marilyn’s guardian. After McKee got married in 1935, Monroe was sent to an orphanage in Los Angeles, and then she was reportedly sent to a foster home dominated by sexual abuse and neglect, probably because she suffered from stuttering. It has become like. According to the president’s policy at the time, her foster parents were said to have had some homes to take over their children for the aid provided, and Monroe was also kidnapped by several homes, so she could not be said to have been treated with great care. It was.

First marriage
In 1942 during World War II, when he was 16 years old, he dropped out of high school in half a year and was recommended by Grace Goddard’s aunt and mother’s friend Anna Lower, with Jim Doherty, who lives near her mother’s house. Make your first marriage. Jim worked as a mechanic at a Lockheed aircraft manufacturer, but was later drafted by the Navy to board a convoy. Norma, who was alone, got a job at the aircraft parts factory Radio Plain and began her own path of self-reliance.

To hollywood
Shortly after World War II’s 19th birthday in 1945, he was found and photographed by First Class Press David Conover, who was dispatched by the Army to interview him while working at a factory. Be done. This photo was published in the Army magazine “Yank” and will follow the path to Hollywood.

After being encouraged by commercial photographer Potter Hughes to become a cover girl after being shown the negative by Conover, Monroe quit the factory and applied for an exclusive model for the Hollywood model club Blue Books Models Agency. Norma’s first job after completing the basics of her model was an event companion at the Los Angeles Expo.

She soon became acquainted with the up-and-coming photographer Andre de Deans and discovered her talent as a model. This year, she went on a long photography trip together. De Deans captured the innocent appearance of Norma Jean before becoming Marilyn Monroe. Later, her photo was published in a magazine for sale with a sexy pin-up that dyed her hair golden blonde.

She becomes an actress
In 1946, she passed the 20th Century Fox screen test and signed a contract under the stage name “Marilyn Monroe.” Her name for her Marilyn comes from the 1920s Broadway beauty stage actress Marilyn Miller. Her husband Jim did not understand the modeling business and divorced four years after getting married.

She made her first bit part appearance in the 20th Century Fox movie Arashi-no-en in 1947, but she wasn’t too quick to cut her contract. However, she couldn’t give up her dream of becoming an actress and moved to Columbia Pictures, where she became a quasi-leader in Chorus Lady. Since she ended up with only one Columbia movie, she then continued to look for agents (negotiation agents), studying her acting while she was a nude model again. She became a nude model on the calendar because she had a hard time living and couldn’t afford her rent and monthly installments (she is famous for her work called “Golden Dream” by photographer Tom Kelly). But this causes a scandal after her.

Be a top star
In 1951, with the help of agent Johnny Hyde, he appeared in “Asphalt Jungle” and “Eve’s All” and attracted attention. Since then, he has played supporting roles in several films, and in 1952, he was the quasi-leader in “Knock is Useless.” In 1953, Niagara starred a villain planning to kill her affair and her husband, and her hip-shaking gesture (Monroe Walk) attracted the attention of men in the world. The following “Gentlemen like blondes”, “How to marry a millionaire” and “Seventh year cheating” became big hits and became top stars.

On January 14, 1954, she married Joe DiMaggio, a former major league baseball player in the New York Yankees and the most well-known professional baseball player, at San Francisco City Hall.

On February 1, the same year, she was invited by the Yomiuri Giants to visit Japan on a Pan Am Boeing 377 for her honeymoon and was welcomed at Tokyo International Airport. The couple stayed in Japan for 3 weeks. Around Tokyo, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Osaka, Dimagio taught baseball for Shochiku and JNR in Fukuoka, Hiroshima Carp in Hiroshima, and Hanshin Tigers in Osaka. Until Fukuoka, the two were in a close relationship, but when DiMarzio gave guidance to Carp at the Hiroshima Prefectural General Stadium, Monroe, who was reminded that he should never come to the stadium, visited the stadium. , DiMarzio was flooded with fans. It is said that DiMarzio’s rebuke of Monroe was the cause of the divorce.

During his stay at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, a senior U.S. military official requested a soldier’s consolation on February 5, and until February 25, the day he returned to Japan, Monroe was at a U.S. military base in Japan and a disabled veteran detention facility and hospital. I visited there from time to time. She also visited Korea for three days from February 16 during her stay as a consolation to UN soldiers stationed after the Armistice of the Korean War. She took over helicopters and jeeps with U.S. military personnel, and gave a consolation to the UN military garrison in South Korea.

Sex symbol
In 1955, he divorced DiMarzio, whose relationship had deteriorated. The marriage lasted only nine months. After that, she wanted to get rid of her sex symbol and moved to New York where she was instructed in acting at Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studios. Her popularity with her performances of “Anna Christie” and “The Train Named Desire” regained her confidence.

She married the playwright Arthur Miller in 1956, but she remained unstable since about 1957, she took too much sleeping pills and even entered a mental hospital. .. She continued to undergo psychoanalysis by Ralph Greenson, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

She also said she was diagnosed by Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund Freud) with her borderline personality disorder, but the exact location is unknown. She experienced a miscarriage around this time.

Affair with the Kennedy Brothers
He divorced Miller in 1961, but from around 1959, prior to this divorce, he and John F. Kennedy, who became president the previous year, were introduced by the husbands of Kennedy’s sister and actors Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra. The relationship has been revealed by numerous testimonies such as Lena Peppytone, the housekeeper of Lawford and Monroe’s house. She was also whispered that she had a relationship with John’s younger brother and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

She had a bad reputation in the movie The Misfits, which was released the same year, and her co-star Clark Gable died suddenly after filming, which made her unstable and she returned to a mental hospital. Hospitalized. At this time, her ex-husband DiMarzio, who returned her twist, supported her. She starred in the movie “Something’s Got Alive” in 1962, but her production was barely advanced because she often missed the shoot. Her protagonist in “Move Over, Darling” was eventually taken down (“Move Over, Darling” was released the following year in 1963, starring Doris Day).

Regarding the relationship between John F. Kennedy and Monroe, Kennedy first met Monroe through Sinatra, who has a close relationship with the Mafia such as Sam Giancana. In addition, FBI Director John Edgar Hoover, worried that Giancana knew the relationship between the two and was trying to use it to deal with the Kennedy administration, which was trying to tighten the Mafia crackdown, told Robert. The advice came to an end this year.

However, Monroe attended Kennedy’s 45th birthday party (hosted by Lawford) at Madison Square Garden in New York City on May 19, 1962, shortly after the relationship ended. He went in a dress with the lines exposed, sang “Happy Birthday to You,” and told Kennedy, “I have no regrets when I retire” (see also Happy Birthday Mr. President).

Mrs. Jacqueline, who was not happy with the sexual relationship between Kennedy and Monroe at this time, was absent because she knew that Monroe would come to her birthday party. Kennedy fell into a deadly bullet in November of the following year, one year and three months after Monroe’s death.

Death and ripples
On August 5, 1962, a maid found her naked dead in her bedroom in Brentwood, a suburb of Los Angeles. She was 36 years old. Immediately after his death, the media reported that “the cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning due to a large dose of sleeping pills, and it seems that he committed suicide,” and a great deal of shock and grief ran around the world.

Some say it’s a drug overdose, and some hypotheses are lacking in the grounds that “Something’s Got Alive” was taken down, but in the 2000s FOX According to materials that News found in a warehouse in 20th Century Fox, a meeting with FOX leaders revealed that a contract had been signed to dismiss Monroe’s disagreeable director and restore Monroe. In addition, it has been decided to appear in a musical blockbuster called “What’s the way!”, And it turned out that the hypothesis that “Monroe was abandoned by the distribution company and died in disappointment” would no longer hold.

Since around 1980, the suicide theory has been hidden, and the murder theory by someone who has existed since the time of Monroe’s death continues to be screamed. No cup was found on the scene to be used for suicide, and when Monroe was found dead, the handset was held in his hand, but the day before Monroe’s death and the night he died, which was seized by the FBI. There was no call record at the same time from the central office in the call record of the telephone, and Monroe’s diary (red notebook) disappeared from the room. Therefore, it is alleged that the owner of political power who can falsify and conceal telephone call records was involved in Monroe’s death. There is also a theory that “I picked up the handset to call an ambulance myself due to my physical condition caused by acute barbiturate poisoning, but it broke before dialing.”

As mentioned above, it was revealed from multiple testimonies after his death that he had an affair with President Kennedy since the 1950s, and that he had an affair with Robert, who was Kennedy’s younger brother and then Secretary of Justice. 20] Above, we introduced each other to the fact that it was Sinatra, who was a supporter of Kennedy’s presidential election and had a close relationship with the mafia’s big boss Sam Giancana, and John of the FBI who learned of these relationships. The fact that Secretary Edgar Hoover frequently advised not only Kennedy and Monroe but also the relationship between Kennedy and Mafia supports this murder theory. There is also a theory that Monroe secretly disposed of the red notebook, which he always wrote down the contents of the conversation, after the murder to prevent it from being revealed after his death.

The funeral was held on August 8th, three days after Monroe’s death, at the Westwood Church in Hollywood. The ceremony was managed by DiMarzio, and the attendees were a small funeral of about 30 people, including a small number of people who took care of Monroe during his lifetime. The press was shut out altogether, and no Hollywood filmmaker was called in.

The medical examiner who judicially dissected Monroe is Thomas Noguchi, also known as Tsunetomi Noguchi. Monroe’s body was then taken to his hometown. His graveyard is in his hometown of Los Angeles, Westwood Memorial Park.

DiMarzio loved Monroe even after her divorce and continued to support her with her unchanging friendship. In Monroe’s later years, the two spent a lot of time, and there are multiple testimonies from both parties that they had promised a remarriage a few days before her death. And at her funeral in Monroe, she reportedly shed her tears as she continued to say “I love you” in front of her body.

DiMarzio declined to comment on Monroe until his death. When asked, “A women’s magazine says I’ll pay $ 50,000 if you talk to me,” she said, “There’s something in the world that can’t be converted into money. It’s a memory of love.” I answered immediately. Also, three times a week for 20 years after her death, she continued to send red roses (variety: American Beauty) to her grave. This has been continued by volunteers such as fan clubs even after DiMarzio’s death.

Kazuo Ito, who lined up in front of Mike during the 1978 MLB All-Star game for Japan, heard DiMarzio leaking, “No woman was as great as Marilyn …”. She told her friend a few days before she died of lung cancer on March 8, 1999, her last words: “If you die, you can go to Marilyn.”

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