Madonna Louise Ciccone (English: Madonna Louise Ciccone, August 16, 1958-) is a singer-songwriter and actress in the United States. She is the most successful female musician in the world and one of the best-selling artists in history. She is commonly referred to as the “Queen of Pop”. Her confirmation name is Veronica (English: Veronica).

She made her debut in New York’s red-light district in the early 1980s, and with her innovative dance music and radical and sexual projections that fully incorporated the new expression of her music video, both at home and abroad. It gained explosive popularity. She has since changed her style to suit her time, and she continues to be a major figure in pop music to this day. In her later years, her activities go beyond music, including establishing music publishing companies, appearing in movies and theatrical performances, writing children’s books and directing films.

Her work has sold more than 270 to 300 million copies and has been recognized as “the best-selling female recording artist in the world” and “the most successful female artist in history” by Guinness World Records. Has been done. She was named “The 25 Most Influential Women of the Last Century” by Time Magazine. Also, No. 1 in VH1 “The Greatest Female Artist in the Music World”, No. 36 in Rolling Stone Magazine “The 100 Greatest Artists in History Selected by Rolling Stone”, and Billboard Magazine “Most in Chart History” Won second place in “Successful Top 100 Artists”. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

Representative songs include “Holiday,” “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl,” “Into the Groove,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “La Isla Bonita-Beautiful Island,” “Like a Player,” and ” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue,” “Ray of Light,” “Music,” “Die Another Day,” “Hang Up,” “For Minutes,” etc.

Born August 16, 1958, at Mercy Hospital in Bay City, Michigan, USA, where his mother’s parents are, as the third of eight siblings.

His father is Silvio Ciccone (1931-), an Italian-American I, and his mother is Madonna Louise Ciccone (1933-63), a French-Canadian. After spending his childhood in Pontiac, he moved to Lochester Hills, the state, due to his growing family.

His father is a GM design engineer. Her biological mother died of breast cancer when Madonna was five years old, and her father soon remarried. The death of her mother and the feud with her father and her stepmother have had a profound effect on her mind and are sung in songs such as her “Promise to Cry” and “O Father”. She also took good care of her brother and sister. She has been doing her lessons since she was a child, and she was initially learning the piano, but she begged her father to learn ballet and she changed it. She has since learned dances such as modern dance and jazz dance.

She went on to the University of Michigan, but she dropped out, and in 1978 she left her hometown for New York on a Greyhound coach for $ 35. After she arrived in New York, she told the taxi driver to go to the biggest place in the city, and Madonna, who got off at Times Square, said, “I will be more famous than God in this world” (same as God). I’m not happy until I’m so famous). In her unnamed era, she outperforms glue, so she also takes on nude models. She still became a vegetarian after her immigration to New York.

She appeared in New York the same year as a dancer in Patrick Hernandez Review. She has many other jobs. She was released on video after her adult movie, in which she appeared, became famous around this time. She became a solo in 1981 and became her pop star. From 1983 to 1984, she made a series of hits with “Holiday,” “Border Line,” and “Lucky Star” from her first album produced by black musician Reggie Lucas. First was also appreciated by soul and dance fans. Her second album, Like a Virgin, also made a hit, but since her second, she has become a star supported by pop fans’ popularity, and she has been in the 21st century.

She is married to actor Sean Penn and divorced, and she is married to film director Guy Ritchie and divorced. Madonna was a Kabbalist, but Guy Ritchie is a Christian, and at the time of her divorce, Madonna paid an estimated $ 76-92 million to Guy Ritchie. She was born on October 14, 1996, and her eldest daughter was named “Lourdes (Rhodes in English) Maria”. In the 21st century, the high admission fees for her concerts were also talked about.

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