Longing for Hong Kong Part 2

This is the second part of Hong Kong Longing sent by the combination of Nana Mizuno and Chocoball Mukai. The two of them went shopping in Hong Kong last time. Choco-san is in Hong Kong for the second time, so he teaches Nana-chan how to shop in Hong Kong, goes to her massage, etc. I want to go back to the hotel and put on my bathrobe, but Nana-chan is in a relaxing mode. First, introduce yourself to the camera. After talking about Nana-chan’s favorite type of person and about her future, I finally got motivated to put on her blue Chinese dress! However, Mr. Choco, who is the key, is already tired. . . Suddenly Choco’s boss becomes Nana’s next partner! Until the managing director comes, Nana waits for a while with the rotor on the chestnut. And the long-awaited managing director appears! Watching Nana-chan licking her balls, the managing director’s cock, Choco-san gradually became enthralled. Nana’s girlfriend’s peach-like round butt and pussy are fingered and Choco-san finally forgets her managing director and puts his own dick in her pussy! I came to Hong Kong, so for the time being, let’s go! Mr. Choco’s talk is interesting for the time being. The three of us, including the managing director, have sex together! Isn’t there sometimes sex while having fun like this!