Lollipop Girls Video Guide

Content quality
The current total number of videos is 380 minutes and the total number of photos is 3136.

All the contents are taken down, and the contents cannot be seen anywhere else.

You can see the photos as they are without retouching. You can enjoy the highest number of pixels of 3840×5760.

The photo can be downloaded as a zip file.

The videos are beautifully shot in full HD using the highest quality cameras.

Video distribution is encoded in mp4 file format with high quality AVC h.264 video codec, AAC audio.

You can download the following 3 types of image quality:
Image quality bit rate
480p/852 x 480/750 kbps
720p/1280 x 720/4000 kbps
1080p/1920 x 1080/6000 kbps

HTML5 video
Streaming playback will be HLS or MP4. This format is compatible with most types and models.

Compatible models
Windows Vista SP2 or later
OS X 10.4 or later
iOS 3.0 or later
Android 3.0 or later

Chrome 3.0+
Firefox 35+
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 9.0+
Safari 3.1+
Opera 15+