Jumanji: The Bonus Level is The Ultimate Game Within a Game

Background – An incredible idea was hatched with Jumanji back in 1995. The inimitable Robin Williams took the entertainment world by storm, delivering an adrenaline-loaded performance in a fine game-themed movie. Indeed, Jumanji – an adventure comedy tailored to family audiences – was jackpot gold. It’s no surprise that it inspired mega-industries across the entertainment landscape.

The original film garnered a staggering 7.1/10 rating from 360,000 reviewers on IMDb and spawned a series of fabulous sequels starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson in 2017 (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) and in 2019 (Jumanji: The Next Level). Such is the appeal of this larger-than-life franchise that it transcends personas and characters by way of its incredible concept.

When it comes to box office successes, Jumanji is peerless. The 1995 film generated $262 million worldwide from an operating budget of $65 million. The next film in the series came 22 years later, in 2017, with a worldwide box office taking of $995 million with an estimated budget of $90 million. Jumanji: The Next Level opened to rapturous applause in 2019, with worldwide takings of $801 million and a bloated operating budget of $125 million. Clearly, this multibillion-dollar franchise has plenty of gas in the tank.

Jumanji burns red hot, and audiences can’t seem to get enough of it. Luckily, the brain’s trust in the online casino entertainment arena decided to double down on the meteoric success of this brand. The action-packed entertainment of the Jumanji trilogy gave rise to an incredible live casino game: Jumanji: The Bonus Level. As one of the world’s premier casino software providers, Playtech is as close to online casino royalty as it gets. Their ingenuity, craftsmanship, and gaming prowess have given rise to a thrilling live casino game available at 888 Live Casino.

What to Expect in Jumanji: The Bonus Level?
In August 2023, Playtech unveiled Jumanji: The Bonus Level. It is the perfect fusion of action-packed Hollywood films and the best of interactive casino gaming. This live casino game was in development for three years, and its release is a testament to the cutting-edge technology that Playtech employed. This Jumanji casino game is the first-ever Hollywood blockbuster live casino game showcased to the world. As such, Playtech once again leapfrogs the competition as an innovator in the casino gaming arena.

888 Live Casino is proud to present this one-of-a-kind experience to all players. This jungle-themed adventure takes players into the game world like never before. The interactive experience features a real casino host at the helm. All sorts of obstacles, challenges, and quests are present to players during the gaming sessions. It’s the perfect fusion of fine with augmented reality creating an engaging entertainment arena. For example, players are thrust into the heart of the action with stampeding elephants, rampaging rhinos, and the roughest and toughest jungle creatures imaginable.

It’s all in good fun, of course – that’s the beauty of Jumanji: the Bonus Level. The multi-tier game is designed to captivate players’ attention as they unlock levels and advance to higher stages. The technological prowess necessary to create this Jumanji live game is peerless; that’s where Playtech and Sony Pictures come into the equation. Of course, it’s a mythical world that players participate – no animals were harmed in the making of Jumanji: The Bonus Level. By upping the stakes and infusing live dealer action into the game, Jumanji is a veritable game changeable for casino players.

Affordable minimums and elevated maximums allow players to engage at a comfort level within budget. It’s wild action from the get-go, with dazzling audiovisual elements, generous rewards, and many surprising features at every turn. As a live game show, players participate through PC, Mac, or mobile, with on-the-go action made possible through the proprietary 888casino platform. Players can immerse themselves in live action via the Android and iOS apps, courtesy of the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Jumanji: The Bonus Level Casino Game
Play begins by selecting a game character. These include Ruby, Shelly, Smolder, and Mouse. It’s possible to change characters before rounds or stick with the same consistency throughout. There is a total of 8 betting positions in the game, including the following:
・#1 – displays on 17 sections of the wheel
・#2 – displays on 11 sections of the wheel
・Jungle Valley, Monkey Valley – These display on three sections of the wheel
・Snake Bite, Wild Spin – display on 2 areas of the wheel
・Rhino Run, Path of Jumanji – display on 1 section of the wheel

The live casino game host spins both wheels. The first wheel features segments and a bonus. The second wheel features the game’s characters. But it’s the Bonus Level Live Bonus Rounds that ramp up the action. These elements comprise six bonus rounds of play. These are all indicated above (Jungle Valley, Monkey Valley, Snake Bite, Wild Spin, Rhino Run, Path of Jumanji).

Each bonus round features a unique adventure with a variety of payout combinations, gameplay elements and themed attractions. Payouts vary from 10X to 25X on average, with max payouts limited to 5,000X. High volatility characterizes this live casino game, with a variety of strategies worthy of consideration. Players can play for a share of payouts based on betting preferences. With two wheels in play and several bonus rounds available, Jumanji: The Bonus Level is packed full of bonus potential.

While gaming strategists may advise one way or another, the most important element is bankroll management.

A Word from the Sponsors
Edo Haitin, Playtech Live CEO, said the introduction of Jumanji: The Bonus Level marks a groundbreaking advancement in live gaming, blending state-of-the-art technology with the enchanting allure of the celebrated film. In collaboration with Sony Pictures, there was a unique opportunity to rejuvenate a distinguished brand. The dedicated team behind this project has infused their expertise and enthusiasm, striving to raise the bar in the gaming sector.

What is Jumanji: The Bonus Level?
It’s a cutting-edge live casino game, developed by Playtech, inspired by the Jumanji film series.

Where can I play this game?
The game is available at 888 Live Casino, accessible via PC, Mac, or mobile apps.

How is the gameplay structured?
Players select characters, place bets on wheel sections, and can unlock various bonus rounds.

Are there any notable features in the game?
Yes, it offers interactive gaming elements. These include two wheels, and six unique bonus rounds for enhanced action.

What’s unique about this live casino game?
It combines Hollywood film themes with interactive gaming, featuring real hosts and obstacle challenges.