Grand National 2021 Sweepstake: Grand National Runners

Looking for a Grand National sweepstake guide? Find our guide to making the best Grand National 2021 sweepstake here!

・The Grand National is one of the biggest horse racing events of the year.
・Grand National sweepstakes are especially popular in offices and amongst family and friends.
・With a 1 in 40 chance of winning, the Grand National sweepstake helps enhance the excitement.

The Grand National sweepstake is an absolute must ahead of Aintree’s showpiece race. With 40 Grand National runners involved, a sweepstake enhances the excitement for horse racing fans across the country.

Whether you do a sweepstake for your friends and family or create a Grand National 2021 sweepstake for the office, entertainment is at the heart of the Aintree sweepstake. Millions of people tune in to watch the Grand National each year, with nearly 10 million UK households watching the 2019 race on ITV.

Horse racing betting fans will know the runners and riders off by heart but for those ‘once a year’ punters, a pinstickers’ Grand National guide is essential.

Grand National Sweepstake – How Does It Work?
Creating a Grand National sweepstake is simple – you just need to follow a few important rules to guarantee your Aintree sweepstake works smoothly. The concept is for a group of people to pay an amount of money for one of the 40 slots, with Grand National runners allocated by a random draw.

Make sure you agree on an entry amount before collecting any monies. Most people tend to ask for £1 or £2 in order to build a prize pot – remember a Grand National sweepstake is all about fun. Once every entry has been paid, ask people to pick their horse out of a hat or use a random Grand National sweepstake generator to assign the National runners. A full Grand National 2021 sweepstake kit will available here at 888sport once the runners and riders are officially confirmed.

Grand National Sweepstake – Prize Money
You can divvy up the prize fund in a number of ways. Firstly, you could go ‘all in’ with 100% of the winnings going to the lucky person who draws the Grand National winner. However, it is often more exciting to offer prize money to those who finish second, third and fourth with their Grand National sweepstake picks.

One such way to split the Grand National sweepstake prize pot is here
・1st place = 60% of prize fund
・2nd place = 25% of prize fund
・3rd place = 10% of prize fund
・4th place = 5% of prize fund

Grand National Sweepstake – 2021 Runners
*A full list of the Grand National runners and numbers will be available here once the final field is confirmed ahead of April’s race*

Just make sure you advise players on how the Grand National sweepstake prize pot will be split before selections are made – that way everyone is aware of the system in place.

Good luck with your 2021 Grand National sweepstake. If you fancy a flutter on the big race, follow Aintree updates and free horse racing tips here at 888sport!