Free Hit FPL: How To Play Free Hit On Fantasy Football

Free Hit is a popular chip on Fantasy Premier League. Find out how to play free hit on FPL and more here in our fantasy football section…
・Free Hit has been a huge success since it was introduced to fantasy football
・The FPL free hit is used in a similar way to the Wildcard
・Find out when to use the Free Hit chip and other fantasy FPL tips here

Introduced ahead of the 2017/18 Fantasy Premier League season, the Free Hit has been a major success amongst the FPL community. Players now have the option to allow unlimited free transfers in a single Gameweek, but with their squad returning back to its original state for the following week.

Free Hit FPL Tips
・How Do I Activate The Free Hit Chip?
・Does The Free Hit Affect Player Prices?
・When Should I Use The Free Hit?
・FPL Free Hit FAQs

The Free Hit works in a similar way to the Wildcard lifeline but players have just one chance to use this chip each season so make sure you use it at the best possible moment. Players will have a number of questions regarding the Free Hit chip and we are here to try and keep you all up to date with the latest FPL news and Fantasy Premier League tips. So without further ado, it is time to look at the latest fantasy football betting information, ranging from advice on FPL player prices and when to use the Free Hit in the game.

How Do I Activate The Free Hit Chip In FPL?
You will already know this if you are a keen Fantasy Premier League player but it is crucial for everyone to know exactly how to use the Free Hit chip. To active the Free Hit, players can play the chip in the My Team section. The button can be found alongside Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Wildcard. If you are yet to use the Free Hit card, the game will offer the chance for players to make use of this FPL lifeline when making a transfer to your squad. This suggestion will pop up even if you are using your free transfer, not just when a move will result in a points deduction.

Does The Free Hit Affect FPL Player Prices?
Squad value is a key component of Fantasy Premier League, with players looking to acquire footballers who may see their price increase in the future. The FPL Free Hit negates any movement – increases and decreases alike. Everything returns to the state that the squad would be in if no transfers were made. If you gain value, that additional value will be lost as players added from the Free Hit will be lost at the end of that particular Gameweek.

When Should I Use The FPL Free Hit?
With the free hit acting in a less permanent way to the Wildcard, it should be used under very similar circumstances. The Free Hit is best suited to a short period where your team’s highest scorers have been struck down with major injury issues. Another option is to use the Free Hit during a Double Gameweek. These weeks are very important on Fantasy Premier League – especially if high scoring players are facing lesser teams. By the same token, you can use the Free Hit token when a particular team is NOT playing in that Gameweek. This is rare but can occur when a domestic final or European fixture clashes with the Premier League schedule.

Free Hit FPL – FAQs
How To Play Free Hit On Fantasy Football
Players can use the Free Hit once per season and it allows unlimited transfers for a single, specific Gameweek. This is one of the top Fantasy Premier League tips to bear in mind.

Managers can replace their entire team for that Gameweek but the 15-man squad returns to how it was before playing the Free Hit ahead of the next Gameweek deadline. To play the Free Hit lifeline, players must click the button before confirming a transfer in the Gameweek in question.

What Is The Difference Between Wildcard And Free Hit?
There are a number of significant differences between the Wildcard and Free Hit. In fantasy Premier League, the Wildcard lifeline makes a permanent change to your squad while the Free Hit reverts back to the initial team before the Free Hit gameweek.

Furthermore, you receive TWO Wildcard lifelines in the Fantasy Premier League game and just ONE Free Hit. Players have one Wildcard in the first half of the season and another in the second half of the campaign. This is well worth remembering if the first deadline is approaching and you still haven’t used your first Wildcard.

Can You Make A Transfer Before Using Free Hit?
If you make a transfer in the Gameweek BEFORE activating the Free Hit lifeline, those moves will be included in your new squad. Any transfer costs inflicted before activating the Free Hit chip will then be restored. But be warned – this means that any players sold will return to your squad ahead of the following Gameweek. The most popular fantasy football game around, FPL transfers can make or break a squad. Consider all avenues and substitutions before making any rash Free Hit moves.

Can I Carry Two Free Transfers Over After Using Free Hit?
Another important point to remember is that players will NOT be allowed to carry over two free transfers after activating the Free Hit. Instead, players will revert back to the usual one free transfer for the upcoming Gameweek once the Free Hit week has finished.

What Is A Free Hit On FPL?
The ‘Free Hit’ is one of four lifelines on the Fantasy Premier League game, along with the Wildcard, the Triple Captain and Bench Boost.