Eurovision Betting Tips: Everything You Need To Know

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest non-sports betting events of the year – check out our best Eurovision betting tips below…

For music fans around Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest is a massive event.

First held in 1956, it is one of the biggest events of the year and millions of music lovers from across the continent tune in to watch the annual competition.

Betting on Eurovision has become very popular in recent years, with bookmakers offering a range of odds on the famous singing contest.

From backing the outright Eurovision winner to betting on a nation to score no points, odds on the Eurovision Song Contest can be found with most of the top bookmakers.

Eurovision Betting Tips: Guide

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The Netherlands were crowned 2019 Eurovision Song Contest champions after a stunning performance from Duncan Laurence.

He was one of the leading contenders in Eurovision 2019 odds and justified the hype, finishing some 26 points clear of runners up Italy.

With the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest postponed, attention now turns to 2021 Eurovision betting markets – could we be set for a major shock?

Only time will tell but Eurovision 2021 betting news will be available in the build-up to the event. For now, scroll down for our top Eurovision betting tips and advice.

Betting On Eurovision
There are a few factors to consider when placing a bet on the Eurovision Song Contest. It is vital to check bookmaker prices across the board in order to ensure that you get the best Eurovision odds possible.

Each year, there are some early movers. When songs are released, you can usually tell if a specific song is going to do well at Eurovision.

Some songs will be popular in music betting tips while others will drift massively. In addition, Eurovision tend to upload clips to the official YouTube page and punters can see which videos are most popular.

This isn’t a direct indicator for success but viewing figures, likes and comments can give punters a hint at possible Eurovision glory.

As is the case with sports betting, punters can place an in-play bet on Eurovision. The later you bet, the better chance there is of a clearer picture on who is likely to win.

While odds may not quite be as high, viewers should have a better indication as to which nation has been well supported in Eurovision tips.

The format of Eurovision has changed in recent times, so there is now a jury vote as well as a televote from the public.

This is to combat political voting which, although it still exists, has helped to increase tension and excitement when it comes to Eurovision results betting.

Eurovision 2020 Odds
Bulgaria were clear favourites to win the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest before the event was unfortunately postponed.

It is unlikely that the competition will be rescheduled for later this year but Bulgaria could be contenders in 2021 betting for Eurovision.

Music betting events are few and far between, with Eurovision ranking as the most popular competition ahead of the likes of X Factor and The Voice.

Novelty and television odds have always been popular but Eurovision betting is clear of the chasing pack. There is no real strategy to betting on Eurovision but there are a number of key trends that are worth following.

Tactical voting often occurs in the final and punters can take advantage of favourable Eurovision odds, such as a nation to finish in the top 10.

It is only a matter of time until Eurovision betting news starts to surface ahead of the 2021 Song Contest. Follow the latest music betting tips on the 888sport blog and give yourself an edge when it comes to betting on Eurovision 2021.

Eurovision Song Contest 2021
It may seem incredibly early but the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will be here before you know it.

With some countries confirming their involvement and others dropping out, the hunger for Eurovision news keeps music fans interested all year round.

According to reports, 2019 winner Duncan Laurence is set to write a song for Spain ahead of next year’s competition.

Despite representing the Netherlands, reports suggest that Laurence will write Spain’s song for the event – which could boost their chances in the 2021 Eurovision odds.

Blas Canto will represent the country as initially agreed for the 2020 competition but, as is the case for all competing nations, a new song will be required for Eurovision 2021.

2021 Eurovision Betting
The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on May 22nd and punters will notice that Eurovision odds are currently unavailable at this moment in time.

However, you can still follow the latest Eurovision betting news in the media – some artists have already been confirmed while there are always rumours regarding which music act is going to represent the United Kingdom.

Eurovision 2021 betting odds will start to surface once the majority of competing nations have confirmed which artists will be representing them. In the meantime, we recommend creating a list of confirmed and rumoured acts.

If you are betting on Eurovision, remember to look at recent voting history and search for any obvious trends. For example, you will notice that certain nations tend to vote for the same country each time.

Eurovision 2021 Betting News
Artists will be confirmed in due course ahead of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest but the likes of Spain, Italy and Germany are likely to be prominently in the Eurovision odds.

The Republic of Ireland are the most successful country in Eurovision history with a grand total of seven triumphs but their last victory came back in 1996.

Sweden have emerged victorious in two Eurovision Song Contests in the past decade and it may prove prudent to side with the Scandinavia country next year.

The modern day Eurovision includes semi-finals and punters will be keeping a close eye on music betting odds in the build-up to the event.

888sport is the place to be for 2021 Eurovision tips. Join us here on the blog for the biggest Eurovision news, odds and previews ahead of next year’s event in Rotterdam.