Cyndi Lauper (real name: Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper, June 22, 1953-) is a singer and actress in the United States. She has won Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards. She has a husband, David Thornton.


June 22, 1953-Born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, to a Swiss and German-American father and a Sicilian-American mother. When he was five, his parents divorced. Moved to Ozone Park near Queens with his mother, sister and brother.

When he was 12, he learned how to play the guitar and started writing lyrics. He doesn’t get used to it at school, and instead of taking classes, he spends his time drawing and singing. At the age of 17, he was disgusted with his environment and dropped out of high school and finally left home with his dog Sparkle. He passed General Educational Development, was certified as a high school graduate, and took lectures in Art classes at en: Johnson State College. During that time, while taking on various jobs such as waitress, painting model, hot walker as a physiological exerciser after training a racehorse at a racetrack, and calling for a karate class, he attended an art school and in the forest in northern Toronto. I set up a tent and spent time sketching. Around this time, she began to spell her name as Cyndi instead of Cindy at the suggestion of a man she was dating. After she travels to Canada, she returns to New York.

She joins the band Doc West from Long Island and she works as a background singer, but she later joins another band Flyer to work as a lead singer.

In 1977, she overworked her throat by continuing to sing and lost her voice due to damage to her vocal cords, paused for a year, and was taught by voice trainer Katie Agestra. After receiving intensive vocal training, she regained her singing voice.

In 1978, she met keyboard and saxophone player John Turi, hit her off, and formed her own band, Blue Angel.

Debuted in 1980 with her album “Blue Angel” from her Polydor Records. Despite being acclaimed by many critics, the rockabilly sound was not understood or commercial success, and the band broke up shortly thereafter. She filed for her bankruptcy, started working in a retail store, and started singing again for her life.

After the dissolution of Blue Angel, he met David Wolf, a management business who would become her lover and manager after her, and after being introduced to Wolf, signed a contract with Portrait Records.

An album produced in 1983 with the full cooperation of portrait label executive producer Lenny Petz, producer Rick Chertoff, and later Rob Hyman, who formed The Hooters, “She’s So Unusual / She’s So Unusual’s solo debut.

In 1984, the first single “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” jumped to No. 2 on the hit chart, and the second single “Time After Time” became No. 1 in the United States. The third single “Sea Bop” was ranked 3rd, and “All Through the Night” was ranked 5th, making it the first female solo artist to enter the top 5 of 4 songs in a row from her debut album. “Time After Time” will be the standard covered by Miles Davis and others.

She won the Best Female Singer Award at the 1st MTV Music Video Awards and swept a number of awards, including Rolling Stone Magazine’s 1984 Best New Artist Award.

She participated in the original soundtrack of the movie The Goonies, and her single “The Goonies is Good Enough” was also the 10th hit in the United States.

She first came to Japan in March for promotion, and she appeared on the Fuji TV series “Waratte Iitomo!” And the TV Asahi series “Best Hit USA”.

In 1985, the fifth single, “Money Changes Everything,” ranked 27th in the United States, and at the 12th American Music Awards, Best Female Pop Rock Vocal Award and Best Female Pop Rock Video.・ Received the Artist Award and the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Album Package. She participated in the recording of “We Are The World” by USA for Africa. She performed a very impressive singing, and she also left a famous episode that pleased music director Quincy Jones by asking “Can I add an ad lib?”

In a short time after her debut, she became a singer representing the 80’s, and her powerful vocals and her unique fashion became a hot topic.

In 1986, she released her second original album “True Colors / TRUE COLORS”. In Japan, it has been ranked No. 1 on the Oricon Western Music Album Chart for 6 consecutive weeks since September 15, 1986. The first single “True Colors” won first place in the United States for two weeks in a row, the second single “Change of Heart” came in third, and the third single “What’s Going On” was twelfth. Recorded in the place.

She fell into a slump after she began filming the movie Vibes Hidden Mystery in 1987, and separated from David Wolf, who was also a manager in her private life and lived with her fiancé. ..

Participating in the “US Soviet Songwriter Summit” held in the former Soviet Union in 1988 was a turning point, and it was a chance to get out of the slump by receiving various stimuli and regained vitality, and the almost completed new album was blank. In 1989, he released his third original album “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”. It became her first all-song love song.

The first single “I DROVE ALL NIGHT” recorded the 6th place in the United States.

In 1990, he was free-spirited before his debut, but due to his commercial success and fame since his debut, various aspects of sound from the record company and the staff around him. When he was restricted by and lost his freedom of creative activity, he made a movie appearance again and started shooting “Miami Moon / Off And Running” in Miami.

Around that time, Yoko Ono asked her to participate in the “John Lennon 50th Anniversary Concert” in Liverpool, arranged “Hey Bulldog” and “Working Class Hero” by herself, and performed with the band members.

In addition, he will participate in “The Wall Concert” held in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, and participate in a project against the Gulf War with Yoko Ono and Lenny Kravitz.

He came to Japan and appeared in the 41st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen instead of broadcasting.

She married actor David Thornton in November in 1991, when she co-starred in a movie.

In 1992, she participated in the soundtrack to the musical “Tycoon”, and her single “The World Is Stone” became a big hit in Europe, especially in France, for three months in the top five.

In 1993, she produced her fourth original album, The Hat Full of Stars, with the help of Hooters’ Rob Hyman, Eric Basilian and Allee Willis, and her husband David Thornton. / HAT FULL OF STARS ”was announced. She was involved in making all the songs for Roper herself, producing album covers and even video directors. She realized that she could stick to what Roper himself wanted to do, sing her believable songs, and give more of her opinion to those around her, and she was produced without compromise. It was. She toured a club in the United States to share with each and every one of her new albums that told her truth about herself. She talked about her “a part hate” and her own conflicts and anguish on stage at a club in San Francisco after eight years of being removed for her commercial reasons. Revealed. She will perform in Japan at the end of the year, after which she will travel to Singapore and Taiwan.

In 1994, she released her first best album “Greatest Hits / TWELVE DEADLY CYNS … AND THEN SOME”. It has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and has toured South America, Europe and Japan.

In 1995, she donated to the victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Her tour continued with the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States, and she returned to Japan at the end of the year.

When Rumiko Saito, a mimicking talent from “All-Star Bakusho Monomi Kouhaku Uta Gassen !!” (Fuji TV New Year’s special program), appeared with her exclusive dancer as herself, she made a special appearance and performed “Hey Now”. She said she was “told that there was a New Year’s party.”

In 1996, she released her 5th original album “SISTERS OF AVALON”. Performed at the end of the year for the fourth consecutive year. Shang Shang Typhoon also participated in the album, and he jumped in and participated in the live performance at the Budokan performance. I came to Japan to sow beans at the “Earthquake Reconstruction Setsubun Festival” at Ikuta Shrine (Kobe City). However, bean-sowing is canceled in just two minutes due to the flood of worshipers.

In November 1997, he gave birth to his eldest son Declyn Wallace at the age of 44. He has the long-sought child.

In 1998, she released her first seasonal album “Merry Christmas … Have a nice life!”, Which is a collection of her Christmas songs and songs related to Christmas. .. Her husband David is on the jacket, and Declan is on the booklet, and the song “New Year’s Baby (First Lullaby)” contains the voice of Declan, who was an infant at the time. Her contract with the Sony label ended once with this album.

In 1999, “Disco Inferno”, which was nominated for the “Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording”, was released by Jellybean Records and became a hit on the club chart, and went on a large-scale North American tour for three and a half months with Cher. She is also an actress, with her re-appearing on the American TV show “Mad About You” and the filming of the movie “The Opportunists,” which she co-starred with Christopher Walken.

In 2000, her movie “The Opportunists” was released and received high praise in various fields. She will also perform this year at the Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert and at the Girls With Guitar Concert, a charity live to eradicate cancer with Sheryl Crow, Hart and Destiny’s Child.

In 2001, at the request of Ryuichi Sakamoto, he participated in the charity record “Zero Landmine” for the eradication of land mines with many musicians, and due to the simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States in September of this year, it was postponed from the original schedule. Participated in the “John Lennon Tribute Concert” held after changing the record, and sang “Strawberry Fields Forever” at Central Park.

Co-produced with William Whitman, who co-wrote songs with Rob Heyman, Jean Pulseford, Ryuichi Sakamoto, etc., completed the sixth original album “SHINE”, and in the summer Edel America Records. ) Was scheduled to be released, but Edel America Records went bankrupt just before the release, and the album release was canceled.

Oglio Records is a 5-track mini-album that includes songs that were planned to be recorded on the album “Shine” in 2002, and was selected from songs that had been sung at live performances and events and had good fan reaction. It will be released from (Oglio Records). He also performed as a special guest at the Divers Live in Las Vegas, performing a shale and duet. After that, he and Cher performed a large-scale North American tour for 6 months again, recording a total of more than 1 million spectators, and received great praise from all sides for the same live performance as before of Roper.

In addition, between tours with Sher, we will carry out steady activities returning to the origin, such as performing solo live performances, autograph sessions and mini live performances at stores, and “Shine EP” will also be released from minor labels. Regardless, it recorded good sales.

In 2003, he energetically performed live activities such as solo tour and joint tour with Meat Loaf. She re-contracted with Sony and released a cover full album “AT LAST” that covered songs from the 1940s and 1960s that she was familiar with while listening to her childhood. A large-scale solo tour will begin in late October, and in New York on New Year’s Eve, he will also participate in the New Year’s Eve event at Times Square.

In 2004, the sixth original album “SHINE”, which had been stored due to various circumstances (see above), was released as a full album only in Japan. In June, the Japan tour was realized for the first time in eight years, and all eight performances in six cities were performed, showing the same powerful live performance. The tour will then continue to Australia and back to North America until September. The live DVD “Live … At Last” will be released, which contains the local New York performance of “At Last Tour” that has continued since 2003. He also participated in the “Night of the Proms” held in the Netherlands in November and the “Nobel Peace Prize Concert” held in Norway in December. At the Grammy Awards held in February of the following year, “Unchained Melody” recorded in “At Last” was nominated for the “Best Instrumental Composition Accompanying a Vocal” category.

In 2005, the self-cover album “Body”, which covered past hits and popular songs by himself, welcomed many luxurious guests such as Jeff Beck, Sarah McLachlan, Shaggy, Annie Difranco, Vivian Green, and Puffy.・ Acoustic / The Body Acoustic ”was announced. Along with that, he came to Japan for promotion, appeared in various media, and performed three songs from the new work at the “GO LOHAS! 2005” event held in Tokyo. After returning to Japan, he started his North American tour, and between the tours, he performed a duet with Sarah McLachlan on the stage of the American Music Awards. She participates in an American gay support group.

In 2006, she made her Broadway musical debut in “THE THREEPENNY OPERA” (written by Bertolt Brecht and composed by Kurt Weill) as a prostitute “Jenny” and appeared in STUDIO 54 from April to June. .. At the Tony Awards in June, she performed with co-star Alan Cumming. She also starred in the closing ceremony of the gay Olympics Gay Games in July.

In 2007, she performed the “True Colors 2007 Tour” with a number of artists in June. The purpose of the tour was to promote the protection of gay rights, with $ 1 per ticket donated to a human rights campaign entitled “Human Rights Campaign.” The five-hour large-scale show was performed in 16 cities in North America with great success, and a commemorative CD with songs provided by the participating artists will be released. She also attended the Singfest in Singapore in August with Pet Shop Boys, Shaggy and others. In August of the same year, she came to Japan to perform at SUMMER SONIC 07. She performed the same powerful live performance at the Osaka Maishima Summer Sonic special venue on the 11th and the Chiba Makuhari Messe on the 12th, and she once again gained high praise and new fans. After that, in the solo live performances held in Tokyo and Nagoya, a second encore occurred in Tokyo, and both days ended in great success.

On May 14, 2008, the 7th original album “BRING YA TO THE BRINK” was released. It’s been 7 years since her original album, and 12 years since she recorded a major full original album. All songs are dance music, including the song “SET YOUR HEART” which was OA as a CF song of TOYOTA MARK X ZiO. He came to Japan on the release date of the album and performed a live performance to commemorate the release of the new album at MARUCUBE on the 1st floor of the Marunouchi Marunouchi Building in Tokyo, and performed several songs including new songs. He took off his shoes, got off the stage and performed in the audience, entertaining the event winners and those returning from work, and appeared in various media. In September 2008, entitled CYNDI LAUPER JAPAN TOUR 2008, there will be four performances in all three cities, including the first performance at Nippon Budokan in 12 years. After that, he will tour in Europe and South America.

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, she came to Japan for a concert tour in Japan (her plane could not get off at Narita Airport due to the closure of the earthquake, and the United States Landed at the military Yokota Air Base). While other overseas musicians canceled their performances in Japan and did not return to Japan, canceled their visit to Japan, and the record company recommended that they return to Japan, the concert was held as scheduled from March 16, 2011. .. In addition, the venue called for donations for charity and made the concert a charity event.

Also, when I was in Osaka, I sent an email to Reiko Yukawa saying, “It was such a time that I was able to come to Japan and it was an honor in my life. Thank you.”

She appeared as a guest host on RAW of the professional wrestling organization WWE on June 18, 2012. She has previously played as Wendi Richter’s second at the 1st WrestleMania in 1985. In the same year, she composed the musical “Kinky Boots” (the original was the movie of the same name released in 2005). She won the Original Music Award at the 67th Tony Awards.

She appeared in SUMMER SONIC 13 on August 10th and 11th, 2013. She performed at the Maishima Summer Sonic special venue on the 10th and at the MOUNTAIN STAGE at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba on the 11th.

January 2015 Japan Tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her debut album “She’s So Unusual” released in 1985 Cyndi Lauper Her ~ 30th Anniversary Celebration Her Japan Tour Held 2015. Performances in all 6 cities, including Budokan performances.

Studio album
1. She’s So Unusual (1983)
2.True Colors (1986)
3.A Night to Remember (1989)
4.Hat Full of Stars (1993)
5.Sisters of Avalon (1996)
6.Merry Christmas … Have a Nice Life (1998)
7.At Last (2003)
8.Shine (2004)
9.Bring Ya to the Brink (2008)
10.Memphis Blues (2011)
11.Detour (2016)

Best album
1.Twelve Deadly Cyns … and Then Some (1994)
2.The Essential Cyndi Lauper (2003)
3.The Body Acoustic (2005)
4.Mighty 80’s (2007)
5.True Colors: The Best of Cyndi Lauper (2009)
6.Floor Remixes (2009)

1.You Make Loving Fun (1977)

2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1983)
The Japanese title at the time of its release was “High School is Dance Terrier”. It was re-recorded as “Hey Now” in 1994, and in 2005, it was re-recorded with the participation of Japanese Puffy Ami Yumi.

3. Time after Time –Time after Time (1984)
In addition to being used in CMs such as Mazda Capella Wagon and Nissan Presage, Shiori Takei (mini) such as Miles Davis, Tuck & Patty, Natalie, Everything But The Girl, Cassandra Wilson, etc. Album “The note of my twenty years”), Takayuki Makihara (cover album “Listen To The Music 2”), Yoriko (1 single “Kokoro no Kagi”), Miho Nakayama (album “Blanket Privacy”), It is covered by bice (included in the single “Sneakers”) and Chihiro Onitsuka (included in the cover album “FAMOUS MICROPHONE”).

4. She Bop-She Bop (1984)

5. All Through the Night-All Through the Night (1984)

6. Money Changes Everything-Money Changes Everything (1984)

7. I’ll Kiss You (promo-only single) (1984)

8. When You Were Mine (1985)

9. The Goonies’R’Good Enough (The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1985)
The theme song for the movie “The Goonies”. The original title was only “Good Enough”, but the title was changed due to a tie-up with the movie.

In Japan, Sweet Vacation (recorded in “Do the Vacation !!” (2007)), Asako Toki (“We Love Cyndi -Tribute to Cyndi Lauper-” (2008) and “VOICE ~ WORKS BEST ~” (2009) (Recorded in) is covered.

Also, as an instrumental version, the arranged version is used as the stay BGM of the game software “Goonies” (MSX: 1985, Family Computer: 1986) and “Goonies 2 Flattery Last Challenge” (1987), and music games. “Pop’n music 10” (arcade: 2003, PlayStation 2: 2004) contains a remix song by Mr. T (Tomoyuki Uchida).

10. True Colors-True Colors (1986)
Phil Collins covered the best compilation album “Hits” in 1998 (produced by Baby Face).

11. Change of Heart-Change of Heart (1986)

12. What’s Going On (1987)
Marvin Gaye cover.

13. Boy Blue-Boy Blue (1987)

14. Maybe He’ll Know (1987)

15. Hole in My Heart (All the Way to China) (1988)

16. I Drove All Night (1989)
Originally written for Roy Orbison, Roy was recorded in 1987, but Cindy’s version was released earlier (Roy Orbison’s version was in 1992 after Roy’s death. Has been released). In 2003, Celine Dion covered it with a dance pop arrangement.

17.My First Night Without You (1989)

18.Heading West (1989)

19.A Night to Remember (1989)

20.Primitive (1990)

21.The World Is Stone (Tycoon: Various Artists) (1992)

22.Who Let In The Rain (1993)

23.Sally’s Pigeons (1993)

24.That’s What I Think (1993)

25. Hat Full of Stars (1993)

26.Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) (1994)

27.I’m Gonna Be Strong (’94 Version) (1994)

28.Come On Home (1995)

29. You Don’t Know (1996) * Japanese bassist “Norihito Yanagawa” participates in this PV.

30.Sisters of Avalon (1997)

31.Ballad of Cleo and Joe (1997)

32.Early Christmas Morning (Japan-only) (1998)

33. Disco Infern (A Night at the Roxbury Soundtrack)-1999)

34.Shine (2001)

35.Walk on By (2003)

36.Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) (2004)

37.Stay (2004)

38.Time After Time (with Sarah McLachlan) (2005)

39. Above the Clouds (with Jeff Beck) (2005)

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