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The cospuri project is our attempt to combine high level visual cosplay with the hottest adult content. Visually we are striving to compete with the best cosplayers you’ll see on social media, but with the added challenge of shooting video content while maintaining video quality that rivals the photos. There truly is nothing else like what we are doing in mainstream porn. The closest thing you might find is the amateur content on sites like OnlyFans, but even then there is a limit to their production quality. Other cosplay adult content sacrifices the quality of the cosplay with cheap halloween-style costumes anyone can find online.

However, on cospuri every outfit we use is custom made and tailored to fit our models as best as possible. We even customize them with pussy access so the girls can be fucked while wearing our cosplay. We do our best to match the outfit and character to our models to create more convincing fantasy for your pleasure. Of course we look forward to your feedback for ideas and suggestions for cosplay you’d like to see!

Our goal is to be the #1 cosplay adult site online. Please join us on our journey into creating the best cosplay erotica!

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