Candies is an idol group of three Japanese women who were active in the 1970s. The agency is Watanabe Productions. Many of the songs were produced by Sumio Matsuzaki (former president of Amuse Soft Entertainment), who was an employee of Watanabe Music Publishing at the time.

・ Ran Ito (nicknamed Ran, January 13, 1955 (65 years old)-) The standing position is in the middle, and her member color is red.
・ Miki Fujimura (nicknamed Miki, January 15, 1956 (64 years old)-) Standing position is on the left, and the member color is yellow.
・ Yoshiko Tanaka (nicknamed Sue, April 8, 1956 (Showa 31) –April 21, 2011 (died 55 years old)) Standing position is right, member color is blue.

At the time of debut
All three members of Candies are from Schoolmates of Tokyo Music Academy. Three people were selected in the final selection, but besides them were Hiromi Ota and Connie who was the vocalist of The Venus. In April 1972 (Showa 47), all three were selected as mascot girls for NHK’s new program “Kayo Grand Show”, and the program producer meant “Girls who are so cute that they want to eat”. It was named. None of the three were particularly prominent among the schoolmates, and even in the “Kayo Grand Show”, they were just mascot girls and assistants (chairs, microphones, and substitute sounds), and there were no plans to debut as a singer. However, shortly after appearing in the “Kayo Grand Show,” Sumio Matsuzaki, who happened to visit the Tokyo Music Academy, saw the three Candies in the classroom and noticed that “there are cute children.” When Matsuzaki asked the person in charge of the music school whether or not he had made a record debut, she replied “not yet”, so Matsuzaki decided to make her debut as a Candies singer.

She made her debut as a singer in 1973 (Showa 48) with “I’m crazy about you”. She also made regular appearances on the popular variety show “8 o’clock! All-Member Assembly” before her debut, but she wasn’t blessed with hit songs for a while after her debut. Tanaka, who was the youngest of the three but had the highest singing ability at the time, was appointed as the main vocal at the time of her debut.

To a popular singer
However, Yoshiaki Morooka, the manager at that time, discovered that only Ito had a different fan base (like an older sister) among the three, and at the suggestion of Morooka, the fifth single released in 1975 (Showa 50). Change policy with “younger boy”. When Ito, a “sister” character, was placed on the center main vocal and brought to the front, this was the first hit, and it was also the first Oricon chart to enter the top ten.

The following year, “Spring Ichiban,” released in 1976 (Showa 51), won the highest weekly third place on the Oricon chart. After that, in 1977 (Showa 52), he made hits in succession with single songs such as “Gentle Devil” and “Sorry for the heat”. In the singles after that, Ito acted as the center except for “Wana” as the center of Fujimura. The combination of three people with different personalities, active TV appearances that even control on variety shows such as “8 o’clock! All-Member Assembly” and “Migoro! Tabegoro! Laughing!” And adorable choreography. It gained widespread popularity due to its numerous hit songs.

Three years after the debut of Candies, it was often compared as the same female idol group as Pink Lady, who gained explosive popularity as a social phenomenon immediately after her debut in 1976. Therefore, some people saw both as rivals, but they seemed to have the image of comrades living in the same era rather than rivals, and Tanaka and Keiko Masuda were very close. Although the momentum of sales did not reach that of Pink Lady, who was called a monster in 7 consecutive million sellers and 5 consecutive million sellers, the flexibility of activities such as the ability to respond to variety shows due to the strength of belonging to a major production company. In terms of variety, the two groups led the idol scene in the late 70’s in a contrasting manner, partly due to the enthusiastic fan base centered on lead, junior high and high school students and university students.

Dissolution at the height of popularity
However, in the summer of 1977, Candies, which was becoming popular, suddenly announced its dissolution. At the ending of the concert at the Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall on July 17, the same year, Ito said, “I have something to apologize to you,” Fujimura said, “I’m sorry,” and Tanaka said, while weeping. “Please forgive me,” apologize to each fan. Then, “We will dissolve in the next September,” suddenly declared the dissolution. At that time, Ito cried and said, “I want to return to a normal girl!” Became very famous and became a buzzword at that time.

The following day, on the afternoon of July 18, Candies will hold an emergency press conference at Ginza Mates, and on the same night, apologize again for the live appearance on the Fuji TV series “Yoru no Hit Studio”. Initially, the three had decided to dissolve only two months later at the end of September of the same year, but since they announced without the official approval of Watanabe Productions in advance, they persuaded and discussed with Watanabe Productions. At the end, the dissolution was postponed for about half a year.

The popularity of Candies has boiled from this shocking announcement of dissolution, and in the last single “Hohoemi Gaeshi”, it won the first and last Oricon chart. Since the singles had never won the 1st place until then, there was support from fans and other related parties to get the 1st place by the time they disbanded (described later). It can be said that Candies became even more popular due to its dissolution.

On April 4, 1978 (Showa 53), 55,000 people, who were unprecedented at that time, gathered at Korakuen Stadium, and the media called it the biggest show in the history of the song world, and since “The Peanuts Goodbye Performance” in Japan 2 An example farewell concert (“Final Carnival”) was held, ending four and a half years of activity. From the audience seats near the center, the stage set behind the second base could not be seen, and several 26-inch street TVs were installed, and the audience enjoyed the performance while watching them.

Candies is the first female singer (group) to hold a concert at Korakuen Stadium. Three days later, on April 7, the TBS series was recorded and broadcast nationwide, and the average audience rating was 32.3% (Kanto area), which was the highest rating ever for a music program by a single artist. ing. The last word, “We were really happy !!” is also famous. “Tsubasa”, which was sung at the end of the concert, was written by Ito as a return song to the song “Three Candies” made by volunteers of the National Candies Federation who learned about the dissolution earlier. That is why Ito said, “I still want to sing this song” before singing.

Immediately after the dissolution, “Hohoemi Gaeshi” continued to rank on TBS TV “The Best Ten”, so during a vacation outside Japan with a staff member who also served as a consolation party, he made a TV appearance on the phone. I have done it before.

After dissolution
After the dissolution, it was never reunited. However, in private, it was said that sometimes three people gathered.

Ito returned to the entertainment world in 1980 (Showa 55). He married actor and singer Yutaka Mizutani in 1989 (Heisei 1) and became a mother of one child. She is currently active as an actress and narrator. Released the album “My Bouquet” in 2019 (the first year of Reiwa), debuted as a solo singer for the first time in 41 years since the dissolution of Candy’s, and held solo concerts in Tokyo and Osaka.

After returning in 1980, Tanaka mainly works as an actress. During that time, she temporarily became a solo singer, and she also performed music activities and released the single “Cabochar”. She got married in 1991 (Heisei 3) (her husband is Masako Natsume’s older brother). She died of breast cancer on April 21, 2011 at the age of 55, and she said she died at the end when she was taken care of by two people.

Fujimura returned as a solo singer in 1983 (Showa 58) for a limited time, and released Kanebo Spring’s campaign song “Yume, Koi, Hito” (single and album with the same name). He was featured in the media, appeared in “The Best Ten” in “Spotlight of the Week”, ranked 10th on NTV “The Top Ten” and became a smash hit. She hadn’t appeared on the entertainment world since she got married shortly after, but she attended Tanaka’s funeral in April 2011 and appeared in public for the first time in 28 years. She is a mother of three.

・ April 1972: “Candies” was born as a mascot girl and assistant (chair, microphone carrying, proxy sound matching) for NHK’s “Kayo Grand Show”.

・ December 31, 1972: At the beginning of the “23rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, she wears costumes of a different color from many Schoolmates and dances in the center of the stage. [6] .. She also acted as a backing chorus for Yukio Hashi’s “Children’s Wolf” (she doesn’t count in her career). She was credited with “Candies” alongside “Schoolmates” on the telop that appeared on the screen when the contestants entered.

・ April 7, 1973 (Showa 48): Regular appearance as an assistant on TBS “8 o’clock!

・ September 1, 1973 (Showa 48): Record debut with her “Anatani Muchuu” (Tanaka was in charge of the main vocal center position at that time)

・ March 1974 (Showa 49): First commercial appearance in her Hiroshima Natalie [7]

・ March 17, 1974 (Showa 49): Her first concert at Yoyogi / Yamano Hall (800 people)

・ February 21, 1975: Released her single “Younger Boy” ・ Recorded 9th place on the Oricon chart with her first big hit (main vocal center position changed from Tanaka to Ito after the same song)

・ October 19, 1975: “Candies 10,000 Carnival” held (Kuramae Kokugikan / 8600 people)

・ December 31, 1975: Her first appearance in the 26th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in “Younger Boy”

・ March 1, 1976: Released her single “Spring Ichiban” ・ Recorded 3rd place on the Oricon chart

・ October 11, 1976: “Candies 10000 Carnival Vol.2” held (Kuramae Kokugikan / 13500 people)

・ December 31, 1976: Participated in the “27th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” in “Spring Ichiban” (second time in total)

・ July 17, 1977 (Showa 52): Sudden dissolution declaration during a concert at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall

・ November 26, 1977: Guest appearance as a singer in NHK’s “Men’s Journey Part 3 Cemetery Island”

・ December 5, 1977 (Showa 52): Single “Wana” released (Fujimura is the only person in charge of the main vocal center position)

・ December 31, 1977: Participated in the “28th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” with “Yasashii Akuma” (3rd and last Kouhaku appearance)

・ February 25, 1978: Released the single “Smile Gaeshi” ・ Achieved the first Oricon chart (March 12)

・ April 4, 1978 (Showa 53): Dissolved with “Final Carnival” (Korakuen Stadium / 55,000 people)

・ April 4, 2008: “National Candy’s Federation 2008 Great Alumni Association” held at JCB HALL on the site of Korakuen Stadium (2000 participants)

・ September 3, 2008: 20-disc box album “Candies Time Capsule” released (includes unreleased songs “Kiri no Wakare” and “My Sweet Little Devil”, commonly known as “Mokugyo Edition”)

・ April 21, 2011: Tanaka dies of breast cancer

・ November 4, 2013: “Candies Memories FOR FREEDOM”, which almost completely recorded “Final Carnival”, the legendary concert of Candies, was sold as a limited set of 5 from Sony Music. It first appeared on the Oricon Music DVD Weekly Chart and won the first place. (CD journal)

・ March 18, 2016: A film concert was held at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo to commemorate the release of the DVD of “Candies Memories FOR FREEDOM”.

・ April 4, 2018: In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the dissolution, “Candies Forever ~ 40 years from the legend ~ Fans, all gathered!” Sponsored by fans at Suidobashi WORDS near the old Korakuen Stadium It was conducted. The event was funded by donations and a free film concert of “Candies Memories FOR FREEDOM” was held. (Yomiuri Shimbun April 5, 2018)

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