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You can trace the origins of greyhound racing back to 1876, with the first officially recorded attempt on a straight track taking place in Hendon, England. However, it wasn’t until 1920 that the first greyhound racetrack was constructed.

Since then, greyhound racing has evolved with the times. While some greyhound racing is still amateur level, greyhounds betting is now popular in the United Kingdom, as well as the United States of America and Australia.

Punters can bet on greyhound racing with 888sport – with the latest odds available on a wide range of meetings around the world. So without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the ‘need to know’ information regarding greyhound racing betting.

Greyhounds Betting Strategy

There are a number of ways to bet on greyhounds racing in the UK. The most popular and easiest bet is to win a race outright.

Select your greyhound from the list of available runners, choose your stake and then cross your fingers and watch the race.

As is the case in horse running, each way odds are available for most races. If your selection finishes in the top two, you will be paid out – quite often at 1/4 of the stated greyhound betting odds.

For eight runner races, this will usually be 1/5 of the odds but for the top three places.

Furthermore, 888sport allow greyhound betting users to predict the forecast and/or tricast for selected races.

If you have a strong fancy for two greyhounds in a certain race, it may be wise to back the forecast rather than covering the runners with two singles.

How Are Greyhound Racing Jacket Colours Allocated?

Greyhound racing in Great Britain follows a specific colour scheme. The traps allocated to each runner determines the colour of racing jacket.

While eight colours are included in the standardised list, no UK tracks feature eight runner races at this moment in time:

Trap 1 – Red with White number
Trap 2 – Blue with White number
Trap 3 – White with Black number
Trap 4 – Black with White number
Trap 5 – Orange with Black number
Trap 6 – Black and White stripes with Red number
Trap 7 – Green with Red number
Trap 8 – Yellow and Black with White number

UK Greyhound Tracks

There are 21 active tracks registered for greyhound racing in the United Kingdom, with an additional three independent venues across the country. You can find your local greyhound track via the list below:

Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester
Brighton And Hove Stadium, Brighton And Hove
Central Park Stadium, Sittingbourne
Crayford Stadium, London
Doncaster Stadium, Doncaster
Harlow Stadium, Harlow
Henlow Stadium, Stondon
Kinsley Stadium, Kinsley
Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton
Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne
Nottingham Stadium, Nottingham
Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield
Pelaw Grange, Chester-le-Street
Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham
Peterborough Stadium, Peterborough
Poole Stadium, Poole
Romford Stadium, London
Shawfield Stadium, Shawfield
Sunderland Stadium, Sunderland
Swindon Stadium, Swindon
Towcester Stadium, Towcester
Yarmouth Stadium, Great Yarmouth

As of April 2020, the three independent stadiums are:

Askern Stadium, Doncaster
Thornton Stadium, Thornton
Valley Stadium, Ystrad Mynach

How Are Greyhound Races Classified?

Greyhound racing in the UK works in a similar way to horse racing.

Certain categories of race are more valuable than others, with Minor Open Races ranking as the lowest standard while Greyhound Derby level is as lucrative as it gets in the sport.

The minimum prize money for winning in each greyhound racing category is as follows:

Minor Open Race – £150
Invitation Race – £750
Category Three Race – £500
Category Two Race – £5,000
Category One Race – £12,500
Greyhound Derby – £50,000

Most Popular UK Greyhound Races

The Greyhound Derbies are the biggest races in the sport. There are two derbys held in Britain, with the Scottish Greyhound Derby at Shawfield Stadium and the English Greyhound Derby taking place at Nottingham.

Across the Irish Sea, the Irish Greyhound Derby is open to British greyhounds should owners wish to enter for the event. The Welsh Greyhound Derby was a major event in the area but the event was cancelled in 1997 after the Cardiff track closed down.

Upcoming Greyhound Betting Meetings

Greyhound racing is still taking place around the world, with daily meetings in America and Australia. Punters should follow the designated greyhounds betting section on 888sport for information on upcoming races and events.

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