Aisa Tamano knew she was going to be something special when all of the girls in her class were jealous of the massive tits she was developing. Of course the boys were paying a lot of attention too! And now we have her here to showcase those beautiful massive H-cup titties in sexy cosplay!

Aisa also loves manga and anime, and just like her horny classmates, she likes looking at ero doujinshi. She blushed when we asked which is her favorite one and she said it’s a secret. I guess she’s too shy to let the whole world know what makes her wet in private. But she’s not too shy to unleash her huge tits as they jiggle and bounce around as she gets fucked!

Actress: Aisa Tamano
Country: Japan
Age: 22 years old
Height: 171cm
Measurements: B89-H W64 H101