【R-18 version】LipTrip ~My Boss Is My Heat Suppressant?!~

【The ultimate Yuri x Omegaverse crossover!】
Yuri is totally compatible with the Omegaverse!
It’s the perfect setting for a romantic drama, where conflict arises from the differences between Alpha and Omega.
Enjoy a casual sapphic visual novel with a pinch of spice.
※This game is based in a general Omegaverse setting. There are no references to hermaphroditism.

【Bringing back the dream team behind the global hit yuri romcom “OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos” 】
Which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide!
Simultaneous release in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
Art by Chigusa Minori, one of the hottest artists on social media right now.


In the Omegaverse, everyone is born into one of three secondary genders: Alpha (α), Beta (β), or Omega (Ω).
The majority of the population are Betas, while Alphas sit at the apex of society with their superior looks and abilities.
Meanwhile, Omegas have a special characteristic: they periodically go into heat, at which time they become irresistible to Alphas.

Rino is an Omega, and a new recruit working for a digital travel magazine.
Chizu is an Alpha, and Rino’s boss.

“Um, Boss! It’s my first day, and…”

The moment Rino hears her boss’s voice, she suddenly goes into an off-cycle heat!
Chizu respects the fact that Rino doesn’t want to quit her job just because of her natural urges as an Omega and makes a decision to help her.

“Just bear with it. I’ll get it over with soon.”

Entranced by her cool fingers and sweet scent, Rino gives her body over to Chizu.
Fate begins to toy with the two as their feelings dance the fine line between reason and instinct…


●Maiguma Rino (CV:InariYui)
Editorial assistant in NK Publishing’s digital media department.

An Omega new recruit to the editorial division of the digital magazine Fuller.
Her hobbies are traveling and trying delicious foods.
As an Omega, she has always attracted many Alphas of both genders, but she lives life on her own terms.
Although she knows she’s been employed to meet the company’s Omega quota, she’s determined to demonstrate her competence.
And while she receives a cold reception from her Alpha boss, she can’t fight her innate instincts…

●Kiyotsu Chizu (CV:AimaiMoco)
Editor-in-Chief of NK Publishing’s digital media department.

A young female Alpha, she’s Fuller’s top talent and Editor-in-Chief.
She’s into women, and her hobbies are ceramic art and herbal tea.
As is usual for an Alpha, she’s incredibly smart and extremely skilled.
She has a mild and pleasant temperament and is well-liked and respected among her staff.
Although she obligingly helps Rino calm down when she goes into heat,
for some reason, she keeps pushing the other woman away…

Product Information / System Requirements
File size: 1.67GB
CPU: intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 or higher (intel Core 2 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher recommended)
Memory: 2GB or more / 4GB or more
Required resolution: 1920*1080 full color